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#04 - 12 exercises to be more comfortable in front of a Client

  1. Prepare in advance: research your potential client's business and products or services to better understand their needs and goals.
  2. Set a clear objective for your presentation: determine what you want to accomplish in your meeting with your potential client and focus on that objective.
  3. Practice your presentation in advance: rehearse your presentation out loud or in front of a mirror to get comfortable with your speech and to work on your confidence.
  4. Make a list of open-ended questions to ask your potential client: this will help you better understand their needs and establish a relationship of trust.
  5. Wear appropriate clothing: choose clothes that make you look good and that are appropriate for the occasion and for your position. (It would be weird to be examined by a doctor in plumber's clothes...)
  6. Master your body language: use confident and assertive body language, such as open hands, direct gaze and feet firmly planted on the ground if you are standing)
  7. Take time to breathe and calm down before your presentation: clearing your mind will help you relax and focus.
  8. Visualize yourself at the top of your game: the night before, do some visualizations in which everything goes well and you get a great contract.
  9. Use visual aids to illustrate your presentation: this can help make your presentation more interactive and memorable.
  10. Schedule time to answer your potential client's questions: it shows that you are listening to their concerns and are willing to work with them.
  11. Show empathy: show that you understand your potential client's concerns and goals and that you are willing to help them achieve their objectives.
  12. Be authentic: be yourself and don't pretend to be someone you are not. This will make you feel more comfortable and confident.
  13. Be professional: arrive on time (even a little early), be polite, respectful and attentive to your client's needs. This will show them that you are serious and intend to work with them.
  14. Give before you receive: If you're at an off-site location, offer her a coffee or something. Also, take some pens and paper materials (best branded) and give them to her, this will show your commitment and the fact that you are not forgetting any details.
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