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Louise Stoffmacher

Graphic Designer

His background:

Webflow Expert
Creative Business
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His testimony.

Can you introduce yourself in a few lines (what are your skills, what do you like about your job, ...)?
Freshly graduated from a master Com (event and PR) I'm currently in charge of Com in a small company. I love graphic design, but I also love the live aspect of communication (event part)
What are your hobbies ? (Except Webflow ^^)
I love pastry, I love rugby (long live the XV de fr^^) I love music. Besides the dream would be to mix event and music and I can work 24/24 7/7
If you had to give 2 words to define the training?
Complete and easy to access
How do you find / did you find the Training?
The training was great. I am very happy to have the videos because I often consult them. You go very far in your explanations, the training is more than complete because the modules at the beginning and the end are real intro: content for US, no web aspect, really a human aspect and support. The must of the must remains for me your availability. Being able to ask my trainer directly to help me solve my problems: magic!
What is the little extra of the training?
The fact that Kevin is always available when needed
What can Webflow bring to your career?
I can add a big digital part to my resume. For the moment I don't know if I want to make it my job, but I hope to recreate sites! It brings me a skill that is very much in demand today
How much time do you save approximately by making a website with Webflow compared to another platform?
With Wordpress it was a disaster, I was only doing content creation but even then it was super boring the visualization and everything. Webflow is the future

If you had to give one piece of advice to a freelancer who is hesitating to take the plunge, what would it be?
Take care of all your projects and talk about them! folio, linkedin content, digital presence!

His opinion.

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