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Webflow and SEO, the PERFECT combo!

Webflow and SEO, the PERFECT combo!
Webflow and SEO, the PERFECT combo!


Today, you're going to find out why Webflow and SEO is the perfect combo to make your SEO a real weapon of war.

This blog post will give you all the keys to tame the Jumanji Jungle 🐒🕷️🦏 Google version because today more than ever, there are little tricks you need to know to outrank your competitors and get to the top of the rankings without much effort. (I didn't say NO effort 😅)

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "In the jungle you will wait, a five or an eight will deliver you." 💬 Hahaha, no I'm kidding 🤣🤣🤣

Here's what you might really think 👇 

💬 "I'm ranked on the 7th page of Google, there's no way I can outrank my competitors anymore" 💬

Tss-Tss .... no no, it's not as complicated as you think! As you will see, the implementation of 2-3 techniques associated with the unconditional power of Webflow will make you the Allan Parrish of modern times! All you have to do is roll the dice...

So grab a matcha, get comfortable, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. How the Google search engine works today: the PageRank Algorithm
  2. Understand the concepts of crawling and indexing to optimize your SEO
  3. 3 reasons why SEO is so important for entrepreneurs and businesses
  4. Why Webflow and SEO are a perfect combo?
  5. What are the 8 factors that impact ranking in Google?
  6. My 6 tips to develop a powerful natural referencing

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1. How the Google search engine works today: the PageRank algorithm

  1. Google's PageRank algorithm focuses on so-called backlinks
  2. Google believes that if a website has a link to another website, the latter has quality content and deserves to be ranked higher in search results
  3. Google wants to ensure that content that is relevant and of high quality is ranked highest in search engines
  4. Backlinks are what they use to measure this

2. Understand the concepts of crawling and indexing to optimize your SEO

In addition to the Backlinks to be well referenced, Google must also understand what a Website offersThe main mission of Google is to organize all the content of the Internet

Like a spider that crawls its web, consider Google as a spider that has to crawl the web

This is where the concepts of crawling and indexing come in

The Crawling

1. What is the concept of crawling on Google?

  • It is the exploration of the Web sites by the robots of Google called "Spiders".
  • Google cannot understand which websites exist without crawling them

2. How does crawling work?

  1. Google will use its robots to browse the entire website
  2. These robots will imitate the path that a user could take on the Website
  3. They will browse mainly:
    - All the content and pages
    - The structure
    - All the websites and pages to which there are links
    - All the other external websites that link to the analyzed website
    - The loading time of the URL
  4. This means that the bigger and easier a website is for Google to crawl, the better it will be indexed
  5. Spiders will visit a Site more or less often depending on its updates and the more or less regular addition of new content


1. What is the concept of indexing on Google?

  • If Google has understood the meaning of a Website, in other words if the crawling has been correctly done "without hitch", it will prioritize it (index it) on its search pages

2. How does indexing work?

  1. Following the crawling it will index it and rank it in the best position on the search page
  2. The better a Web site is indexed, the more important its presence on the Web will be, which will inevitably result in an increase in traffic

3. The 3 reasons why SEO is so important for entrepreneurs and businesses

1. Reason #1: Organic search traffic

  1. Better positioning on Google
  2. Increased brand/business credibility (people don't come to the site only through paid advertising)
  3. Sustainable approach in the long term if the search standards imposed by the algorithm are always respected
  4. Significant advantage over the competition

2. Reason #2: Strong purchase intent

  1. The visitor comes to the Website because he or she has decided to do so and is specifically looking for what the Website offers
  2. This means that the visitor typed a keyword
  3. That this keyword is used on the Website (according to the standards imposed by the search engine)
  4. If the user path is well designed, the visitor will click on the link to acquire what he is looking for
  5. Google will consider that the Website answers well to the criterion searched via the keyword

3. Reason #3: SEO is essentially "free" traffic

  1. Not insignificant argument!
  2. But be careful, free but nothing is really free...
  3. You don't have to pay specifically to receive traffic from Google SEO, but building a website and creating content is not free and can cost time and money

4. Why Webflow and SEO are a perfect combo?

  1. 👍 Advantage #1: The clean code generated by Webflow is highly valued by Google
  2. 👍 Advantage #2: Customization of the experience in great detail without any plugins
  3. 👍 Advantage #3: Webflow hosting performance (CDN, SSL, etc.)
  4. 👍 Benefit #4: Webflow CMS keeps databases in order
  5. 👍 Benefit #5: Team management for content creation is ultra intuitive
  6. 👍 Advantage #6: Webflow is natively connected to Google tools
  7. 👍 Advantage #7: Intelligent management of 301 redirects so you don't forget any
  8. 👍 Advantage #8: Webflow's Audit tool that is natively integrated

5. What are the 8 factors that impact ranking in Google?

👉 1. Factor No. 1: The quality of content and its relevance to a search

  1. The content must correspond to the visitor's search
  2. If they don't find what they're looking for, you need to review your keywords and content strategy

👉 2. Factor #2: The domain authority

  1. This is the score that search engines give to a website
  2. It varies from 0 to 100
  3. The higher the score, the more the Website meets the standards imposed by the Google algorithm
  4. It represents the degree of trust that Google gives to the Website

👉 3. Factor n° 3 : Backlinks

  1. This is one of the most important factors that will influence the ranking in search engines
  2. The domain authority of the linking website is also important
  3. If Trusted Websites link to another Website, the latter "is also trusted by Google"
  4. As a result, a better score and a better ranking ...

👉 4. Factor #4: "On page" SEO.

  1. It is the fact that each page of the Website meets the standards imposed by the search engines
  2. All the pages of the Website are optimized as a whole (Keyword, meta-description, structure, ...)

👉 5. Factor #5: Keyword optimization.

  1. The key word: 1 page = 1 keyword
  2. Add a key phrase repeated several times and strategically in the same content
  3. The seniority is also important, once the keyword is well chosen, you should not change it anymore

👉 6. Factor #6: The number of page views

  1. Do not hesitate to share your content with your community
  2. The number of interactions and visits weighs in the ranking
  3. Hence the importance of creating content that generates clicks with Call to Action and share links

👉 7. Factor #7: Loading speed

  1. The longer a page takes to load, the more the user's patience is tested
  2. Avoid this by lightening the images and the loading time

👉 8. Factor #8: In reality there are over 200 factors according to Brian Dean of Backlinko

  1. Reference:(https://backlinko.com/google-ranking-factors)

6. My 6 tips to develop a powerful natural referencing

Tip #1: Identify the main keywords.

Tip #2: Create content at a regular pace

Tip #3: Optimize your items every 6 months to maintain them

Tip #4: Have a Long-Term Content Strategy.

Tip #5: Incorporate a smart backlinks strategy.

Tip #6: Recycle your content in different formats: video, podcast, tiktok, etc.

To conclude,

You may have understood that there is nothing complicated to optimize your natural referencing and that indeed, Webflow and SEO form a perfect combo.

You just have to follow and respect the standards that Google imposes in order to climb in the rankings in an efficient way and without too much effort but also, use all that Webflow puts at your disposal to simplify your life!

And my last Tip for today 👉 don't complicate your life too much trying to create THE PERFECT content. If you were to take away only one thing from this blog post, it's that quality is better than quantity. It's better to have one page that precisely answers the visitor's search than 10 pages that beat around the bush and the visitor doesn't understand the meaning.

You now have quite a bit of valuable information to optimize your SEO skills with Webflow and come out on top no matter what number you roll the dice 🐒 🕷️ 🦏

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