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Is Webflow optimized for SEO?

Is Webflow optimized for SEO?
Is Webflow optimized for SEO?


We're going to go a little deeper into SEO, we're going to talk about Webflow and more specifically about everything the platform has put in place to make your life easier and why Webflow is specially optimized for SEO.

I'm going to introduce you to each of the elements that Webflow has optimized in order to lead your life as a Web Designer as serenely and peacefully as possible.

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "It's okay, whether it's Wordpress or Webflow, the SEO setup is done exactly the same way" 💬

Mwaisssss, but no, not quite... as you will see, Webflow wants to be a platform that makes life easier for its users. But if you've ever been on Webflow, you've already understood that, right?

So grab a small latte macchiato, sit back and let's get started my kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Are you ready? Let's go!

Here is what we will see together

  1. What are the 11 factors that influence SEO?
  2. Why is having an optimized SEO important?
  3. 14 simple SEO tips to apply thanks to Webflow
  4. What are the 5 steps to optimize your SEO on Webflow?
  5. 10 questions to ask yourself to optimize your SEO on Webflow?
  6. My 9 Tips to optimize your SEO on Webflow ?

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Is Webflow optimized for SEO?

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1. What are the 11 factors that influence SEO?

Factor #1 🌈: The responsive design of the website

Hence the importance of offering a pleasant experience to visitors by considering each version:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Horizontal mobile
  • Vertical mobile

Factor n° 2 🦿: the accessibility of the Website

  1. The Website must be made accessible to all persons with any kind of disability
  2. The accessibility function is becoming more and more important so that everyone can have access to information

Factor n° 3 ⚒️: The construction of the Web site

Several elements influence the logic of the Website and its path, namely:

  • The way the Website is structured
  • The sections
  • The pages

Factor #4❓: Audience Awareness

  1. A good knowledge of its niche, will allow to know the elements to be set up so that the visitor passes to the action and remains longer on the Web site
  2. It's important to talk to your audience to resonate feelings in order to build trust and take action.

Here are some examples of actions that a visitor can do on your Website:

  • Download an e-book
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Proceed to the purchase of a service or product

Factor #5 🛒: Understanding the user's intentions

  1. A few years ago, SEO strategies were based onkeyword optimization
  2. This is no longer the case today because a good strategy is now based primarily on theuser experience
  3. And this requires an understanding of the Internet user's intentions.
  4. They can be summarized in three questions:
    - What is the visitor's question?
    - What information does the visitor want to obtain?
    - What is the main objective of the search?
  5. The objective will be to answer these questions by creating appropriate topics.
  6. The keywords will appear naturally

Factor #6 🔗: Link building

  1. By Link Building, we mean internal and external link building (also called Backlinks)
  2. It is the fact of creating a linking strategy by making links in its own content and from other websites
    - Ex. internal linking: I send you to the sales page of my coaching programs
    - Ex. external linking: Webflow refers to the Happy.webacademy in Webflow Certified Expert
  3. It is true that certain practices, such as the use of link farms or the purchase of links, have tarnished the image of link building and pushed Google to adapt its policy on links
  4. The quantity of links is no longer the most important factor, but rather their quality and relevance

Factor #7 🗞️ : Backlinks from News Sites that already have good domain authority

  1. I talked to you about domain authority in the blog post : Webflow and SEO, the perfect combo don't hesitate to check it out 😉
  2. The most successful pages have more links to the press site
  3. Newspaper websites such as forbes.com, lemonde.fr, elle.fr, ... would have the particularity to improve your SEO if they have links in their articles that refer to your website
  4. Since Google trusts these press websites, it deduces that if these websites mention your website, it means that you offer quality content too

How do I get links from these news sites?

  • Become an expert in your field to get interviews
  • Write your own press releases and send them out
  • Advertising
  • Help reporters and have direct access to the press
  • Invest in your community and make it grow in order to be found by these Sites
  • Write quality content and become a source of information for the press

Factor #8 🔑: Relevant keywords.

  1. We have just seen above that Strategies based on keywords are a bit outdated
  2. In any case, this strategy is not enough to have an optimal SEO
  3. Should we forget them? No
  4. So try to integrate them into your SEO strategy but sparingly
  5. However, make sure you choose the most relevant ones, again with respect to the visitor's intentions, and avoid abusing them.
  6. You could be penalized by Google

Factor n° 9 🖱️: The integration of interactive elements

  1. Numerous studies show a high degree of correlation between good positioning (ranking) and theuse of interactive elements

Here are some examples of interactive elements to integrate:

  • Share buttons to social networks
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Surveys
  • Games
  • Links to other content (internal linking)
  • GIFs

Are they counted as such for the ranking? Not necessarily ... But they improve the user experience, and that's the priority!

Factor #10 🔍: Readability of content

  1. The more readable an article is, the easier it is toincrease the ranking of a page
  2. Again, always keep in mind that it is theuser experience that comes first

Content with the following characteristics works best:

  • Length: Longer articles (minimum 1200 words)
  • Paragraphs: Paragraphs are needed to air the text, not too short nor too long (+/- 300 words)
  • The transition words: To begin with, then, therefore, finally, to conclude, ...
  • Content quality: Visitors look for value and quickly understand when it is low quality content
  • Layout: the layout of the entire website also has an impact

Factor #11 🔒: Website Security

  1. The use of an HTTPS domain
  2. As Google announced, the use of secure domains has an impact on the ranking
  3. How important is this factor? According to Searchmetrics, it is not critical
  4. If you have the opportunity to do so, do it!
  5. But you can still get good results without implementing secure domains

2. Why is having an optimized SEO important?

  1. Because SEO is a long-term job
  2. You must maintain your natural referencing and continually optimize it
  3. It allows you to attract clients on a long-term basis
  4. To increase your chances of appearing among the first search results
  5. To increase the number of leads and customers
  6. To show Customers that you exist and that your company is still active

3. 14 simple SEO tips to apply thanks to Webflow

  1. 💡Tip #1: Responsive Website Design.
  2. 💡Tip #2: Keyword Research.
  3. 💡 Tip #3: Highlighting the most important pages.
  4. 💡Tip #4: To use subdomains correctly.
  5. 💡Tip #5: Optimize your URL's, meta titles and meta descriptions.
  6. 💡Tip #6: 301 redirect.
  7. 💡Tip #7: Make your Site Canonical.
  8. 💡Tip #8: Send the Site Map auto-generated by Webflow
  9. 💡Tip #9: Create a 404 page
  10. 💡Tip #10: Add an Alt Tag to each image
  11. 💡Tip #11: Completing your Robot.txt file
  12. 💡Tip #12: Disable subdomain indexing.
  13. 💡Tip #13: Couple Google analytics with your Website
  14. 💡Tip #14: Create a Blog and attract visitors.

To go more in depth to apply all these tips, I invite you to see the blog post: Complete Webflow SEO Guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in your SEO on Webflow (14 actions to do)

4. What are the 5 steps to optimize your SEO on Webflow?

1. Step 1: Generate a list of keywords that answer your niche questions

  1. Don't jump in head first to search for countless keywords
  2. Mark your niche
  3. Put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself: What is she looking for on Google?
  4. Determine a small set of keywords to start with and respond to them with quality content

✍️ Tips - An indispensable tool? I recommend the Keyword Planner tool provided by Google Adwords. There are a myriad of complementary tools like Keywordtool.io or AnswerThePublic that can help you find other keywords that users are searching for

2. Step 2: Crawl your site to optimize it technically

  1. You should know that Google uses robots called "Spider" to "crawl" the websites to know the content, the structure, ...
  2. So be sure to check:
    - Any crawl errors
    - The hN tags
    - The title, meta description, H1
    - The Canonical URLS

3. Step 3: Semantically improve your texts

  1. Google also analyzes semantic fields to judge the quality of textual content
  2. It is necessary to use a good vocabulary, rich, related to the theme of the keyword you are targeting

4. Step 4: Analyze the backlinks

  1. Hence the importance of building up quality content so that other websites will refer to it
  2. Always be on the lookout for opportunities
  3. Detecting new and lost backlinks
  4. These are the tasks that it is important to perform to improve your netlinking

✍️ Tips : You can use the "win-win" strategy and offer to create content in which you refer to a Site and in exchange this Site does the same for yours.

5. Step 5: Monitor your positioning and that of your competitors

  1. The positioning analysis also allows you to evaluate your progress in SEO and to be alerted in case of a problem that may be related to an algorithm update or a technical change made to the site or due to a penalty
  2. SemrushYooda, MyPoseo, Ranks.fr are examples of tools that allow you to follow the state of your positioning

5. The 10 questions to ask yourself to optimize your SEO on Webflow ?

  • 👉 Question #1: How would you describe your business?
  • 👉 Question #2: What are your main assignments?
  • 👉 Question #3: What phrases and keywords do you want to associate with your business?
  • 👉 Question #4: What are the goals of your business?
  • 👉 Question #5: What are the things that make your company stand out from the competition?
  • 👉 Question #6: What is your niche?
  • 👉 Question #7: What are your Offers?
  • 👉 Question #8: Who are your competitors?
  • 👉 Question #9: What are your resources?
  • 👉 Question #10: Have you ever done an SEO audit?

6. My 9 Tips to optimize your SEO on Webflow ?

  • Tip #1:Make a point of responsive Design
  • Tip #2:Reduce the loading time of your Website.
  • Tip #3:Optimize your tags and metadata.
  • Tip #4:Create qualitative content.
  • Tip #5:Optimize content SEO.
  • Tip #6: Avoid duplicate content as much as possible.
  • Tip #7:Create a powerful netlinking
  • Tip #8:Be present and share your content on social media.
  • Tip #9:Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console

To conclude,

You now know how to optimize your SEO in order to have a state-of-the-art SEO strategy. There's no need to think too big at first, start small, and step by step. Feel free to check out my other blog posts that talk about SEO as well in order to put together a complete little course for you.

And my last Tips for today 👉 Before you jump in and do anything, set a clear goal (what do you want your Ideal Customer to do after consuming your content. Once that goal is set, determine a clear Strategy worthy of being called SEO Strategy

You now have all the keys, steps and tips to put together your SEO Strategy in concrete.

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