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Web design: Can we make a living from web design?

Web Design,Freelance
Web design: Can we make a living from web design?
Web design: Can we make a living from web design?

Before embarking on a new adventure, it is quite normal to have doubts. You don't want to waste time and money to learn web design (for free or not) when you're not even sure of your choice. If you allow me, let me enlighten you. Let's start with a little reminder of what a web designer is.


In your opinion, what are the necessary qualities to become a Web designer?

  • Anyone can become a web designer
  • Be passionate about graphic design
  • You can't become a Web designer without mastering UI/UX
  • No idea!
  • Any other comments? Don't hesitate to say what you think.


What is a web designer?

What to do in the face of technological progress?

In my opinion, web design is a profession of the future

How to make a living from web design?


You will soon find a video here in which I will share with you the content and some personal anecdotes about the subject! If it's not there yet, you can check out my YouTube channel and find content you'll like too. Click here to access my YouTube channel.

Happy reading 🤓

What is a web designer?

The web designer's only goal is not to create a beautiful website. It is only the final result of his work. Throughout the process, he takes care to choose each element to put on the site, colors, visuals ... For this, he uses his creativity.

Contrary to popular belief, the web designer is different from a graphic designer. As he focuses on the web in question, he should consider all the constraints related to it (weight of the image to be used, its size, the browser on which it will be displayed ...).

Sometimes it even touches a little technical side: the HTML, CSS, JavaScript ...... Obviously, a web designer has a broad general knowledge of the web as well as solid ergonomic knowledge.

It all sounds very nice. Apparently, it's an artistic as well as a technical job. But that long explanation wasn't enough to sow your doubts.

Don't worry, I'm coming...

What to do in the face of technological progress?

By technological advance, I am referring to different platforms such as Wordpress, Wix or Webflow, which offers ready-made themes. For some time now, ThemeForest has the wind in its sails!

I'm not talking about pseudo web designers who sell ready to use themes, but at ridiculously low prices, they generally do not do any service to the company or to our industry. While there are those who succeed, hence the unfair competition. But that's how it is...

What does the web designer do, facing all this situation? Can he live decently from his activity? Finally, does his job have a future? All these questions remain unanswered.

In my opinion, web design is a profession of the future

All you have to do is try to stand out. You have to give your clients something extra. What can you give that CMS platforms and pseudo web designers can't?

You create a custom website. And no one can do that better than a real web designer. As I taught you in my other articles and guides (on choosing typography among others), the first step is to try to identify the target audience.

However, the themes sold or offered for free on CMS platforms do not respect the the main steps of web design creation. They are content, as I said at the beginning of this article, to create a beautiful site, nothing more.

These themes do not necessarily reach the objective that the future owners of the site have set themselves: that of selling more products or services, or of communicating better with their audience. The site is simply not adapted to their needs, their requirements, their expectations...

On the other hand, do you know that you can use the technological advance to your advantage? The same goes for theevolution of the contents, the ways of living and thinking of men. In short, you just have to evolve, following all these changes. But how?

How to make a living from web design?

You work mainly on the web. But the web is constantly evolving. It's only natural that you have to learn, keep up to date, and monitor it.

Here is an example of change: if before, web designers created sites only for computers, they now take into account other terminals (tablets and smartphones of all screen sizes). The latter have their own needs and constraints.

All this to tell you that you should expect different changes in the coming years.

So stay informed about the latest technologies and become the best version of yourself.


To answer the question I asked at the very beginning of this article: yes, you can make a living from web design.

I myself have been making a living from this business for years now. And if you're ever worried about your future, you don't have to worry about it.

As long as you learn this wonderful tradethe right way, customers always know quality!

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