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Productivity: 13 laws to know to be more efficient at work


If you are new my name is Kevin, I am a web designer located in Belgium. I work from home. I talk about Webflow, Design and Business, if you're interested in the topics don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel.

As you know, with the recently launched Creative Business program, productivity has become my obsession! So today I decided to share with you the 13 laws to increase your productivity, accomplish more and in less time!

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So if you too are looking for better time management, a more productive day-to-day life and improved concentration, this topic is for you.


0:48 What is Productivity?

2:35 What is the point of increasing productivity?

3:48 How to increase your productivity?

6:10 The 13 laws of productivity

6:22 Pareto's law

7:09 Parkinson's Law

8:20 Murphy's Law

9:14 Carlson's law

10:24 Douglas' Law

11:04 Hofstadter's law

12:03 Illich's law

13:23 Confucian Law

14:28 Fraisse's law

15:26 Laborit's law

16:06 Swoboda-Fliess-Teltscher Law

16:44 Kotter's law

17:26 How to be productive , Where to start ? The Pomodoro method


What is Productivity?

If I had gone to Wikipedia or looked in the Larousse, it would have surely given me a boring definition from the industrial revolution.

Except that here, I want to talk to you about productivity for the others, small entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Productivity as we live (and suffer) it every day.

For me, being more productive is the ability to focus on a specific task, to finish it quickly and qualitatively.

If I summarize, in my eyes productivity is found at the intersection of 3 values, 3 concepts:

  • Time management and therefore speed
  • Concentration and therefore focus (like a monk)
  • Highest quality

(You can leave me a comment because I don't force you to agree with me)

What is the point of increasing productivity?

Imagine for a moment: you get through your day's tasks faster, more efficiently.

You are very good at separating the urgent tasks from the important ones.

You are a good planner and know how to prioritize and organize your work day.

This frees up time that you can spend with your family/relatives or on other projects.

And finally you stop procrastinating, stop wasting time being constantly distracted by notifications (seriously, turn off all notifications except phone/sms, it will change your life).

And at the end of the day, you are proud of yourself, proud of the work you did. You were efficient and stopped beating yourself up because "you didn't get it all done" (often due to multiple distractions).

In short, you were productive.

Do you know what I just told you?

How to increase productivity?

I agree with you: it's all very well to talk about it and to make great theories, but in the end, how do you increase your productivity?

Well, think of your productivity as a muscle.

A muscle in your brain that you have neglected for far too long (hello the "multi tasking" trap).

Your brain has been "deprogrammed" of its ability to concentrate for more than 30 seconds on something (hello again multi tasking). You'll have to reprogram it and call upon your productivity muscle again to make it more efficient.

So yes, it's not comfortable at first and it takes discipline, but the long-term results come quickly, I promise.

And the whole point of this point is to give you the 13 fundamental laws to start being aware of them every day.

So, are you ready to discover them?

The 13 laws of productivity

Pareto's law

What is it? 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts
The Solution? Identify those 20% that really work, to invest as much as possible and increase productivity

Parkinson's Law

What is it? A task will take us as long as we have decided to give it
The solution? to set relatively close deadlines, sometimes even to create a sense of urgency to boost our ability to work, and gain in productivity.

Murphy's Law

What is it?The Law of Maximum Shit
The Solution? Simply consider that it could go wrong and take preventive measures.

Carlson's Law

What is it? The law of work done continuously takes less time and energy than when it is done in several times
The Solution ? to isolate yourself, and not to allow yourself any distraction, before this last
is completely finished.

Douglas' Law

What is it? The law of files piling up by themselves
The Solution? Tidy up on a daily basis, minimize paper use - by scanning documents, have a trash can and something to put things away, and don't hesitate to get rid of unused items.

Hofstadter's Law

What is it? Things take longer than expected, even with Hofstadter's Law
The Solution? Hofstadter's Law advises to plan for longer than necessary.

Illich's Law

What is it? The law of ineffective persistence
The Solution? Take regular breaks, and do our most important task at the beginning of the day, to be efficient

Brooks' Law

What is it? Adding people to a project that is behind schedule increases its backlog
The Solution ? Keep the team at the same number, from the beginning to the end of a project

Confucian Law

What is it? The law of futile and untransferable experience
The Solution? The "Trust my experience!" formula kills innovation. You can take inspiration from a totally different field to innovate.

Fraisse's Law

What is it? 1 hour is not always equal to 1 hour
The Solution? Find a balance between the tasks you like and those you like less.

Laborit's law

What is it? We tend to seek immediate gratification and escape from stress
The Solution? Tackle difficult tasks at the beginning of the day, when our concentration is at its highest

Swoboda-Fliess-Teltscher Law

What is it? There are biological rhythms in human beings that directly influence our productivity
The Solution? Find your own rhythm in order to make the most of your optimal moments of productivity and be in the best position to work

Kotter's Law

What is it? The best changes start with immediate results
The Solution? Get immediate results to get out of the crisis as soon as possible

Be productive, Where to start?

#1 The Pomodoro method

  1. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work non-stop
  2. At the end of the 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break
  3. Start again on 25 minutes of work
  4. Every 4 cycles of 25min + 5min, take a longer break of 10/15 minutes

Use the Marinara extension which is a special Pomodoro timer!

I hope you liked the subject!

See you next episode...

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