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The 9 steps to create your Micro Startup with Antoine Milkoff from Unmake

The 9 steps to create your Micro Startup with Antoine Milkoff from Unmake
The 9 steps to create your Micro Startup with Antoine Milkoff from Unmake


You will discover the 9 essential steps to launch, develop and make a Micro Startup take off and the best way to do it to be profitable from the 1st day

It is with Antoine Milkoff, founder of Micro Startup Studio, that we will talk about Micro Startup and more particularly about his process that he set up to create his own Micro Startup

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "Launching myself in a Startup is going to require way too much investment both personally and financially and I don't feel capable of it" 💬

As you'll see, the Micro Startup can put an end to all these fears. A good idea, a great community, and a beautifully crafted solution can be the key to success.

Take the time to read this blog post to soak up the experience, tips, and process we're going to present to you in the simplest way possible.

And that, of course, for more chances of success and good humor

So grab a little matcha latte, sit back and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Are you ready? Let's go!

Here is what we will see together

  1. Who is Antoine Milkoff and what is his background?
  2. What is a Micro Startup and what are the characteristics of the model?
  3. Why develop a Micro Startup? - The 6 Advantages of creating a Micro Startup
  4. What is the best way to create a Micro Startup to be profitable from day 1?
  5. What are the 9 steps to create a Micro Startup?
  6. The 7 questions to ask yourself before creating your Micro Startup
  7. Antoine Milkoff's 9 Tips to create a Micro Startup and be profitable from day 1

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1. Who is Antoine Milkoff and what is his background?

The 10 steps to create your Micro Startup with Antoine Milkoff from Unmake
Antoine Milkoff
  1. Antoine is what we call an Indie Maker.
  2. He builds projects with his own resources, often without funding, taking care of everything: development, design, marketing...
  3. Antoine went to business school and started working in a startup very early. In parallel to his permanent job, he started to realize some side-projects and then realized that his projects were starting to make money. So, as time went by, he unloaded his CDI, sold his Parisian apartment to start a freelance adventure while traveling around the world with his partner.
  4. He developed "The Micro-Startup Studio", a studio that creates small monetized projects or even viable micro-companies by providing a digital solution to a problem
  5. Every 2 months, he develops a new tool and shares all the steps from the idea to the release on social networks
  6. Here is where to find him:
    - Website: https://www.unmake.io/
    - Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/amilkoff
    - Linkedin: https: //www.linkedin.com/in/antoine-milkoff/?originalSubdomain=fr
  7. Here are some Twitter accounts to follow:
    - https://twitter.com/levelsio
    - https://twitter.com/phuctm97
    - https://twitter.com/tdinh_me

2. What is a Micro Startup and what are the characteristics of the model?

  1. The Micro-Startup, is the new trend in the world of online entrepreneurship
  2. Because of its novelty, the definition is vague, but the idea is
    - to develop an online application, alone, with two people or in a very small team (even part-time because we can cumulate several micro startups)
    - not to call for external financing or fundraising and whose growth will be financed by revenues (= called Bootstrapping in English)
  3. It must be SCALABLE (hyper growth) and have the capacity to be managed in a very short time once the product is built

The 3 main characteristics of a Micro Startup are:

  • Development alone or with the help of up to 5 people
  • Self-financing
  • Scalability

3. Why develop a Micro Startup? - The 6 advantages of creating a Micro Startup

1. Advantage n° 1 🫴 : Accessible to all

  1. No need to be an expert in a particular field
  2. The No Codes tools are relatively easy to use

2. Advantage #2 🤏 : Low costs

  1. No budget needed to get started
  2. No need for investors or banks

3. Advantage #3 🤟 : Speed of execution

  1. With No Codes tools, you can go very fast

4. Advantage #4 💪 : Continuous learning.

  1. You can rework your initial idea whenever you want
  2. You can easily ask people in your community what they think
  3. And continually improve, adapt and refine your Offer

5. Advantage #5🫰: Speed of monetization.

  1. If you share with your community each step of the creation process, you will be able to sell your finished product easily to a very interested community
  2. It's all about communicating well and creating a buzz with your followers

6. Benefit #6👆: "Scalable" passive income.

  1. The goal is to create a business that can be easily managed once the product is built no matter how many sales you make

4. What is the best way to create a Micro Startup to be profitable from day 1?

1. The Build in public

  1. It's the act of developing an idea by sharing each step of creation with its community
  2. This allows to create a bond of trust and empathy with its community which will facilitate the monetization of the finished product

3 tips to optimize your "buil in Public" :

  • Be true
  • Be humble
  • Be passionate

5. What are the 9 steps to create a Micro Startup?

1. Step #1 💡: Have an Idea.

  1. Everything starts with an idea, an observation, a click

2. Step #2 🎯: Understand a target's needs by asking them the right questions.

  1. Like market research, you need to talk, ask questions, and have your initial idea tested by a small group of insiders
  2. Preferably not friends, to avoid having a subjective opinion
  3. With a small part of your community that you feel is most engaged

3. Step #3 🎀: Propose a solution.

  1. Instead of asking the question "How do you find the solution?"
  2. It's best to ask yourself, "Was this solution useful to you and does it add value?"

4. Step 4 ✂️: Refine the solution with customer feedback

  1. Asking the right questions and listening to your audience will help you clarify your ideas and refine THE solution that will help your target

5. Step 5 🖍️ : Create all resources

  1. Depending on the solution we want to provide, we will have to gather all the resources that will be the key pieces to build our Micro Startup

6. Step #6 🌈: Create the branding, the Website

  1. To stand out from the competition, it is also important to work on branding
  2. What graphic elements will differentiate us from others?

7. Step 7 💵: Check the payment and onboarding module

  1. Once everything is in place, we must now create the website with a payment module to be able to reap the benefits of our work.
  2. It is also very simple thanks to payment solutions such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay which today are integrated into a sales module offered by Webflow E-Commerce, Quaderno,...

8. Step #8 💌: Notify your audience via email, then social media.

  1. Developing your email list is a strategy that must be implemented quickly in order to avoid the algorithms of social networks
  2. It's like owning your audience and not renting it anymore

9. Step #9 🙋 Create a new project on Producthunt

  1. To boost sales, it is essential to share your new Micro Startup on social networks, but also on the well known and visited platform Producthunt to put all the chances of success on your side

6. The 7 questions to ask yourself before creating your Micro Startup?

  • 👉 Question #1: Is my idea suitable for the Micro Startup model?
  • 👉 Question #2: Am I ready to invest in creating my Micro Startup?
  • 👉 Question #3: Who will I surround myself with for this project? Or will I do it alone?
  • 👉 Question #4: What are the No Code tools I will be using?
  • 👉 Question #5: Do I have enough knowledge to use this tool or do I need to train myself?
  • 👉 Question #6: What scalability (scalability) is possible with my idea?
  • 👉 Question #7: Am I ready to create content?

7. Antoine Milkoff's 9 Tips to create a Micro Startup and be profitable from day 1

  • ✨ Tip #1: Create a Micro Startup that solves a problem.
  • ✨ Tip #2: Don't build anything that no one has asked you to build
  • ✨ Tip #3: Conduct thorough Client research at every stage
  • ✨ Tip #4: Share all the creative details with your community (Build in public).
  • ✨ Tip #5: Transparency is key, so feel free to share your numbers too
  • ✨ Tip #6: Save the design for later, this is called practicing "low fidelity design."
  • ✨ Tip #7: Use Product Hunt to share your product with the world.
  • ✨ Tip #8: Boost the chance of success by increasing the number of products you create
  • ✨ Tip #9: Segment your audience by topic to refine your targeting when you launch

To conclude,

You have just understood the 9 essential steps to launch, develop and get a Micro Startup off the ground and the best way to do it to be profitable from day 1

The process that Antoine Milkoff put in place to create his own Micro Startup has no more secrets for you

And my last Tips for today 👉 Never be afraid to make mistakes, it's by making mistakes that the most beautiful inventions were born. Fear will not get you anywhere, just go for it and if it doesn't work, start over and keep going until you come up with a solution. Your mistakes will serve as a springboard to move forward and reach even higher than you imagined.

You now have all the keys to start your own Micro Startup and put an end to all your fears. You have a good idea? Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss it 😉✌️

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