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13 actions to put in place to stop procrastinating

13 actions to put in place to stop procrastinating
13 actions to put in place to stop procrastinating


We're going to talk about procrastination and more specifically about the 13 very concrete actions to put in place to stop procrastinating

I'm going to present you with tips and tricks that really work to overcome procrastination and give you a real boost

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "I have this little voice inside me that tells me to do this task but I absolutely don't want to, how am I going to find the energy to do it?" 💬

As you will see, this is called procrastination, the fact of always putting off until tomorrow certain ungrateful tasks that we really don't want to do but that undermine our morale because they remain in a corner of our mind.

I will show you how to find this little energy that will give you the boost to send your "procrastinator" side to the locker room.

So grab a little coffee, sit back, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is procrastination?
  2. Why do over 92% of people procrastinate regularly?
  3. What are 4 reasons to stop procrastinating now?
  4. What are the 13 actions to put in place to stop procrastinating?
  5. 10 questions to ask yourself to stop procrastinating
  6. My 4 Tips to stop procrastinating immediately

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13 actions to put in place to stop procrastinating

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1. What is procrastination?

  1. It's procrastinating
  2. Don't worry, we all do it (at least once a day)
  3. In general, we tend to procrastinate on tasks that we don't like or that, from a mindset point of view, make us uncomfortable
  4. The reflex we tend to have in these moments, is to replace the task a little complicated by something that makes us feel good
  5. It's easy, but... the task is always there and you soon find yourself facing the problem the next day (unless you have Mimi Mati to help you do it all in a snap 🤌)
  6. No need to worry, on the contrary, when I don't like it I put it off until the next day, but what you must avoid is moving it several times...
  7. To get rid of procrastination, there are simple solutions to put in place that we will see in this article

2. Why do over 92% of people procrastinate regularly?

  1. There are several reasons for this, according to my research on the subject, procrastination could be the result of:
    - Lack of confidence
    - Low self-esteem
    - Difficulty concentrating
    - Fear of failure
    - Or even our worst enemy, perfectionism
  2. I don't think it's a deficiency, but rather an emotional consequence
  3. All humans have emotions, whatever they are, which would mean that procrastination is an intrinsic part of mankind and that it is likely to affect everyone
  4. The "hik" is that procrastination can have negative consequences on our entrepreneurial adventure, our family life and social life
  5. That's why it's important to be aware of it, to tackle the problem head on and to overcome it now with simple solutions that can be put in place

3. What are 4 reasons to stop procrastinating now?

1. Reason #1 🧘 : Less Stress

  1. The fact of not procrastinating will help you to be less stressed and to avoid having harmful behaviors towards those around you such as impatience, aggressiveness or guilt
  2. Moreover, a task accomplished is a task that is no longer thought of.
  3. As a result, a freer mind and a better quality of sleep

2. Reason #2 🥰 Less negative emotions.

  1. Doing things right away will give you confidence and a sense of accomplishment in completing the tasks you set out to do
  2. You know, that feeling where you feel like you've done a really good job

3. Reason #3 🎈: Better quality of work.

  1. Until the last minute, the work you do may not be up to your real knowledge and skills
  2. It's a pity because when you do things on time, you have plenty of time to refine, proofread and adjust your work already by yourself, but also by someone else

4. Reason #4 🤐: Less blame.

  1. If someone depends on your action, procrastination will affect others
  2. This can lead to reproaches, a less good work atmosphere and a break in the bond of trust between you and the other members of the team, your entourage, your partner...

4. What are the 13 actions to put in place to stop procrastinating?

1. Action #1 📋 Make a list of tasks to be done and view those already done.

  1. There is no small victory, if you see all the tasks you have already accomplished, it will motivate you and help you stay focused on the others to achieve

2. Action #2 🌎 Set achievable and easily attainable goals.

  1. It is important to set goals that take us out of our comfort zone, but we must keep our feet on the ground to avoid big disappointments
  2. This is why it is important to set goals that are quantified and achievable within a given time frame to stop procrastinating

3. Action #3 🥕: Associate a reward with a difficult task.

  1. Who doesn't need a carrot (or rather a goal) to get ahead?
  2. Okay, we agree...
  3. Why not set a reward for yourself as well to get you started quickly?

4. Action #4 🤖: Break down complex tasks into subtasks.

  1. We don't know how to put more than one step in front of the other, and multi-tasking only works for a while, so it's better to move forward slowly but surely than to move forward but in every direction
  2. The fact of doing one thing at a time allows us to last in time, so think about it we are not machines...

5. Action #5 🍫: Establish a climate of relaxation between two tasks

  1. A pause is necessary, you must know the ad in question?
  2. But she's not wrong, it's important to take your mind off things between two tasks so you don't lose your footing
  3. Not too long though, otherwise you might lose the rhythm

6. Action #6 🎧: Gather optimal conditions to perform tasks (tidiness, quiet, solitude...)

  1. I know that you may be one of those people who work perfectly well on a messy desk and that's good, it proves that we are not all the same
  2. But personally, in my case, a workstation in a cubicle totally discourages me from working
  3. So, I prefer to tidy up my desk, put on a little music to relax me to encourage me to work on a specific task (and to each type of task, its music 🤪)

7. Action #7 ⏳: Set a time limit to complete a task.

  1. A tip that helps me on a daily basis is to set a specific time to complete a task, it gives me a little push to start and finish in a timely manner
  2. I invite you to discover the article "Productivity: 13 laws to know to be more efficient at work"where you will discover Parkinson's law which is not insignificant at all

8. Action #8 💪 Identify "priorities" and focus on one task at a time.

  1. We tend to do first the simple things like checking our mailbox, answering Facebook comments or Tiktok, while if we prioritize the tasks we would know exactly where to start, better organize our days and therefore have a much greater satisfaction at the end of the day
  2. All the more reason to start with your priorities, to make sure you accomplish them and then enjoy a little reward like "social networking".

9. Action #9 📱 : Remove all sources of distractions around you (notification, calls, ...)

  1. Technology has made our lives easier...
  2. Yes, but one thing that plagues us is notifications because I don't know about you, but the daily distractions that make us forget our priorities, take us away from the achievement of our goals
  3. One of the best actions I strongly advise you to do right now to avoid procrastinating drastically is to turn off all your notifications whatever they are
  4. So, technology is good, but make good use of it to stay active in your life

10. Action #10 👌: Apply the adage "better done than perfect."

  1. Perfection is a flaw that penalizes you in the execution of your tasks
  2. The big flaw of the perfectionist is that he does not undertake his task because he believes that in the end it will not be done perfectly and therefore he does nothing
  3. If you are a perfectionist, you must be aware of this and in most cases, it is better to start by taking action and then rectify and improve along the way

11. Action #11 🔍: Stop comparing yourself to others.

  1. We all have different knowledge and skills
  2. However, there is always this little voice inside that tells us "He has more subscribers than me", "his business runs better than mine", "he seems to earn more than me"...
  3. In these cases, it is necessary to differentiate jealousy which is an absolutely harmful feeling and will NEVER bring you anything at all
  4. And inspiration which is a positive feeling, because if you feel inspired by a person (a mentor), it will push you to go further in your goals, thoughts and tasks to achieve
  5. Sometimes this mentor will even show you a goal you never thought of and open new horizons for you

12. Action #12 👯: Don't hesitate to ask for advice

  1. If there is something that is blocking you, don't hesitate to talk about it around you and who knows, someone will be able to help you speed up the accomplishment of the task in question
  2. To meditate: Alone we go faster, together we go further...

13. Action #13 📚: Gather the elements needed to complete a task in advance.

  1. Getting a head start is a great way to get through mentally complicated or difficult tasks with a light touch without putting pressure on yourself at the last minute
  2. If you know that a task will require specific support, tools, materials or additional research, don't hesitate to get it in advance
  3. It will give you a boost to undertake the task at hand

5. 10 questions to ask yourself to stop procrastinating

👉 Question #1: Do I put off doing things even if they are important?

👉 Question #2: Do I always wait until the last minute to turn in a paper, assignment, write a letter?

👉 Question #3: Do I have trouble getting to work?

👉 Question #4: If the action or task at hand is difficult or I'm not sure I can do it, do I put it off?

👉 Question #5: Do I wait until the last moment to do difficult or unpleasant tasks?

👉 Question #6: Is my motto "Do today what you can do tomorrow"?

👉 Question #7: Do I like to spend time on social media, check my email multiple times a day?

👉 Question #8: When I have a lot of tasks to do, do I always start with the most important ones?

👉 Question #9: Do I get up in the morning a few minutes after my alarm goes off?

👉 Question #10: When I have something difficult to achieve, do I tell myself it's better to wait for the right time to do it?

6. My 4 Tips to test to stop procrastinating immediately

Tip #1 🐫 Break down tasks into steps.

  1. Setting a goal is like visualizing an end result to achieve
  2. Imagine the pyramids of Cheops, they did not arrive there as if by magic, these pyramids were the objective and it was thus necessary to assemble the blocks one by one to build it
  3. Well, it's exactly the same for your goals!
  4. It is the same principle for the tasks, we must break down the final objective into small pieces and execute each task one after the other

Tip #2 🦹♀️: Prioritize no more than 3 tasks per day, 1 of which should be a priority

  1. Even though we sometimes think we are Wonder Woman, we need to stop multi-tasking and focus on the number one priority of our day
  2. The number one priority of our day is to be done first (yes, logical...) and then to get on with the other essential tasks to keep our boat afloat

✨ Tip #3 🤢: Identify your unhealthy habits - the pitfalls to avoid (and remove them.)

  1. To change and stop procrastinating, you have to change your habits
  2. And to do this, we must try to identify what is holding us back in our momentum and remove them at our own pace so as not to be frustrated

✨ Tip #4 ☕ Give yourself a reward to fight procrastination.

  1. making a list of "mini-rewards" such as "make a coffee" is a great way to take a breather between tasks and stay motivated throughout the day
  2. It can be any reward because it should make you happy
  3. Here are some examples of rewards:
    - A 30 min. walk
    - A refreshing drink
    - A call with a friend
    - Finishing early because you worked hard
    - Reading X pages of a book
    - A meditation session
    - A yoga session

To conclude,

You now know quite a few techniques that work to strongly decrease procrastination, because we'll be honest, to totally stop procrastinating, it's simply impossible, and that's normal!

And my last Tips for today 👉 Use 2 very simple tools to improve your ability to concentrate: a stopwatch and a calendar

I suggest you a nice exercise which is to calculate the time that a task takes you. You'll see that once you've done the test you'll realize that you can take much more time on a task than you imagined.

Once you've timed your main and usual tasks, put them in your calendar in order to "block your time" and try to respect the schedule you've planned. You will see that by doing this exercise, you will tend to respect your daily organization and therefore be more productive.

You now have all the keys to drastically reduce your procrastination sessions.

And this, of course, to maximize your efforts and for more good mood

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