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Complete Webflow SEO Guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in SEO on Webflow (14 actions to do)

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Complete Webflow SEO Guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in SEO on Webflow (14 actions to do)
Complete Webflow SEO Guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in SEO on Webflow (14 actions to do)


You are going to have access to the complete guide to SEO with Webflow. I propose you to know everything, absolutely everything, to succeed your SEO with the only, the unique, the great: Webflow 🏆.

This blog post will allow you to create your own Strategy with 14 very precise actions to implement to make your Website take off in the search engines

Frankly, who doesn't want to be first on Google🥇 ? Not you? Mouais ... 🤥

Maybe you think 👇

💬 "It's been a while since I launched my Site and yet it still doesn't show up in the search engine results. I check the stats every day, but other than a few people I' ve sent the link to, there is nothing else.... Being first on Google is impossible!" 💬

Let me encourage you because even if you are not an ace SEO, it is possible to take care of the SEO of your website on Webflow and to reach the first position (yes, you read it right) on Google!

How can you do it? You will find all the answers in this guide

So grab a hot choco, get comfortable, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

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Here is what we will see together

  1. What is an SEO Strategy on Webflow?
  2. Why is having an SEO Strategy on Webflow important?
  3. What is the best tool to have a solid SEO Strategy on Webflow?
  4. What are the 14 actions to implement to succeed in SEO on Webflow?
  5. 5 questions to ask yourself to know if your SEO strategy on Webflow is working
  6. My 4 Tips to be the first in Google search results thanks to its SEO on Webflow

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Complete Webflow SEO Guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in SEO on Webflow (14 actions to do)

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1. What is an SEO Strategy on Webflow?

  1. As seen recently in another blog post: How SEO works with Webflowyou were able to familiarize yourself with the concept and basics of SEO to increase the visibility of your Website in search engine results
  2. SEO Strategy, on the other hand, is the behind-the-scenes work you do to increase the likelihood that a website will appear in the top search results
  3. This means that you will have to implement several strategic actions to increase the traffic of the Website, in order to attract more relevant visitors and to appear, thanks to the organic ranking (natural and not paid) at the top of the search engine results

2. Why is having an SEO Strategy on Webflow important?

  1. Without a strategy, it's like trying to cut a straight line without having drawn it first (there's little chance you'll get to the end 🤪)
  2. You won't have a clear vision of where to go or how to get back on your feet if something goes wrong
  3. This will please the competitors who will have no qualms about passing you and crossing the finish line before you do.
  4. To win the BIG game of SEO you need a strategy, an action plan (14 to be precise)
  5. If you have read the blog post: Webflow and SEO, the perfect comboyou now know everything about Spiders, the little Google robots used to scan websites and collect a lot of information
  6. These are used to evaluate each website and rank them according to their own algorithm standards
  7. Each website is given a score and is ranked accordingly in the search results
  8. This may seem out of control, but that's where an SEO Strategy comes in: there is a very precise action plan to put in place to considerably improve the position of a Website on the pages of search engines

3. What is the best tool to have a solid SEO Strategy on Webflow?

The best tool in terms of SEO remains in my opinion, SemRush

It's the Swiss army knife of digital marketing

1. 👍 The benefits

  1. The analysis function (domain name, competition, backlinks, ...)
  2. The keyword search functions
  3. The significant help in creating the semantic cocoon
  4. Tracking search engine rankings
  5. The link building function (internal and external)
  6. The realization of Web site audit
  7. Intuitive and very easy to use software
  8. Incomparable quality-price ratio
  9. Very competent technical support
  10. ✍️ Tips - I don't usually push for investment, but it's hard to make an omelette without breaking eggs, so if you want to have the best chance of designing a solid SEO strategy, you'll have to believe in your project and invest a little.

2. 👎 The disadvantage

The only one! It's a paid tool
But it can multiply your investment by ∞, so powerful it is

🚨 Great offer I negotiated for the community :

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4. What are the 14 actions to implement to succeed in SEO on Webflow?

💪 1. Action #1: Adapt the Website Design to all devices.

  1. When designing the Website, you should think about its version for all devices
    - Smartphones
    - Tablets
    - Computers
    - Sometimes even the Watch
  2. The principle is to make all the features available on all these devices
  3. Why is it important to adapt the website design to all devices?
    - Simply because more than half of the internet traffic comes from Smartphones
    - If the design is not well thought out, the visitor will not take long to leave your website to look for another one. Google's robots will notice that there is a high bounce rate, and therefore, will never rank your Website in the top search results

💪 2. Action #2: Bring value to the Website by writing SEO optimized content.

  1. Now more than ever, Internet users are looking for value
  2. They want to find quality and relevant answers to their questions
  3. One solution is to create a blog that you will feed regularly, where each article will have to answer a request that corresponds to a specific keyword
  4. How to bring value to a Website?
    - Always think beforehand and start by choosing the right keywords.
    - And to ensure the success of your Website, focus on the most searched keywords, those that interest your target
    - At the same time, they must be relevant to your business
  5. Once the keywords are determined, they must appear in:
    - The meta title
    - The meta description
    - The URL
    - The different levels of title (Hn)
  6. You also have to think about internal linking (the fact of linking articles together internally)

💪 3. Action #3: Determine specific keywords for each page (3 different ways).

1. Choosing keywords with Google search suggestions

  1. There are many ways to search for these types of keywords, but I'll start with the simplest and least expensive
  2. Go to the main page of Google, and type a keyword related to your activity (for example: Web Design on Webflow)
  3. This is where Google offers you the most searched keywords - choose one (make sure it is relevant)
  4. In just a few seconds, you will have a long list of results
  5. So all you have to do is to take inspiration from the topics presented to you to create your own blog topics (now it's up to you to choose)

2. Choice of keywords with Google Trends

Even if you use Google's suggestions for keyword research, this tool will complement your research by providing additional information, such as:

  1. The popularity of the keyword: this will help you know which topics to focus on
  2. The level of difficulty of the keyword: this will help you to prepare yourself better, if you really want to go for it
  3. The interest of the keyword by region: this will allow you to analyze if the content you plan to create is interesting for the region where your target is located
  4. Related research: this will give you other ideas for keywords related to the keyword suggested by Google and therefore, other ideas for content!

3. Keyword selection with SemRush

This tool as I explained above is amazing and will give you much more detailed information about your keywords, such as :

  1. Average monthly search volumes per keyword
  2. The level of competition by keyword
  3. ...
  4. ✍️ Tips - Just because a keyword has a high search volume doesn't mean it's enough. That would mean that the same keyword has a lot of competition, so it is difficult for a new website to rank for that keyword.
  5. ✍️ Tips - Sometimes it's better to stick to a more specific keyword with less competition
  6. ✍️ Tips - A Website that has been around for a long time can take a chance because it may have a high domain authority, i.e. Google holds it in high regard on a given topic. In this case, there is no better choice than to choose the monthly high search volume keywords

💪 4. Action #4: Strategically identify key pages.

1. It is important to differentiate between main pages and subpages

  1. These pages are important enough to be put on the first level
    - When you go to the Happy.webacademy website, you must understand very quickly what are the subjects that are close to my heart, and especially, on which themes I work mainly: Webflow support programs
  2. So, if you know it, it certainly means that Google Robots know it too
  3. Google is therefore able to prioritize the Site in the search results for Webflow training
  4. ✍️ Tips - It is very important to work each of these main pages on a specific keyword

2. The secondaries, on the other hand, have this form:

  1. https://www.happywebacademy.com/web-news-blog-happy-desk/suivre-formation-webflow-en-francais-f
  2. https://www.happydesk.be/web-news-blog-happy-desk/landing-page-freelance-10-etapes-pour-obtenir-des-resultats
  3. and many others...

3. More general topics can be addressed that refer to the main themes of the site

Are you following me so far? Come on, hang on!

💪 5. Action #5: Use subdomains correctly.

  1. A sub-domain allows you to add a new part to the website and make it more accessible and visible to users
  2. A sub-domain is a Web site in its own right
  3. It is not linked to the root domain, except by links to it
  4. Therefore, there is no need to separate the blog from the root domain (blog.example-domain.com)
  5. By feeding the blog, you will not feed the main site, but rather the subdomain
  6. It will not have any impact on the natural referencing
  7. So avoid making the most common mistake in creating subdomains: separating the blog from the main domain

💪 6. Action #6: Optimize URLs, meta titles, descriptions, and headings.

  1. As explained above, don't forget to put the keywords in the URL, in the meta titles, descriptions and titles
  2. It is equally important to scatter these keywords throughout your content in a "natural" way
  3. ✍️ Tips - When writing your content, always keep in mind what the keyword is, it's easier than going back over the whole text once it's written
  4. ✍️ Tips - It is possible to automate the insertion of keywords in certain elements (i.e. URLs, titles and descriptions). This will save you a lot of time!

💪 7. Action #7: Implement : "301 redirection"

  1. There is not a moment without the Web evolving, and you want me to tell you? I love it, because it promises a promising future for the Web Designer profession
  2. However, there is a small drawback because with each change, you have to make sure that your Website is up to date. It is therefore possible that over time, you may have to delete, modify or move certain pages
  3. Note that deletions and moves of pages are not welcome on Google, especially if you do not take the necessary precautions of redirections, this is called 301 redirection
  4. It is about redirecting deleted or moved pages to other similar pages, and therefore, redirecting the old URL to a new one
  5. Why is it essential to do this 301 redirect and not just create a new page?
    - Because the old URL already benefits from a certain referencing on Google, deleting it would be an (almost) fatal mistake for the SEO of your Site
  6. On the other hand, with a 301 redirect, the new URL keeps the same rank as the old one (or even better)

💪 8. Action #8: Don't forget the Canonical URL.

  1. A Canonical URL is the URL of a page that has been announced to the search engines as having the original content compared to other pages. Concretely, it sends a signal to Google that the page in question is the final version, the one for which you want to be referenced
  2. For example, e-commerce sites have the most interest in using canonical URLs because they often sell a product that has variations (colors, sizes, etc.)
  3. The problem is that in the eyes of Google, it will be the same product and yet, a product = a page
  4. The solution is that for each product variant, there are different pages, and therefore different URLs
  5. To put it simply, there is"duplicate content".
  6. D’où l’intervention des URL canoniques qui sont représentées par des codes de cette forme :
    - “rel=canonical”, et on les retrouve dans la balise <head> du site
    - Exemple concret : <lien rel="canonical" href="https://happydesk.be/blog">
  7. Why is it essential to make canonical URLs and not just duplicate content?
    - Because duplicate content is very bad for Google and could even penalize the entire website for it
  8. How to make a Canonical URL?
    - Just go to the Webflow custom code editor, and insert this code above

💪 9. Action #9: Activate the Site Map or Sitemap

  1. When the time comes to finally host your website, you can choose between several methods
  2. ✍️ Tips - If you have made your website on Webflow, I advise you to host it on Webflow itself
    - Webflow promises so many advantages that I explained in detail in the blog post : Webflow VS Wordpress: which one is betterbut the one that interests us here is the fact that this hosting allows an automatic creation of the sitemap, XML
  3. This is a map used by Google to:
    - get an overview of what's going on on your site
    - explore each page of your site
    - check the last update of the page
    - see how often the page is modified

💪 10. Action #10: Deal with the 404 page

  1. The 404 page is the "error" page, the one that appears when you click on a link and the desired page no longer exists
  2. For your site to be well referenced on Google, you must create a 404 page following certain rules
  3. How to create the 404 page ?
    - It's very easy :You create a classic page that you name 404
    - You make sure that the link of this page is 404 (example : domain.com/404)
    - You make its layout
  4. What should the 404 page contain?
    - First of all, the page should be quite explicit. You need to put some text or an image showing that something went wrong. If you simply post the 404 code, very few people will understand what it is
    - Secondly, you have to propose a solution which can be presented in different ways:
    --> Highlighting to the menu
    --> A search bar (visible enough) to prompt visitors to enter the exact term they are looking for
    --> Create a CTA to take them directly to action
    --> A dialogue bar/popup to prompt them to write down what may have happened so they land on that error page and fix it as soon as possible!

💪 11. Action #11: Fill in all ALT tags.

  1. The ALT tag is an HTML code that usually accompanies images (and is all too often forgotten)
  2. Since images are content, they must also be identified by Google
  3. You should know that Google's robots are good at reading texts but cannot "read" photos
  4. So, to optimize your SEO, you need to describe what's in the image with this ALT tag
  5. How to complete an ALT tag?
    - Every time you insert images on Webflow, the platform leaves the ALT tag empty by default. This is probably to make it easier for us! (Might as well take advantage of it 😉)
    - Insert the appropriate keyword in it (But be careful not to overdo it because if Google detects this practice, it will penalize you)
    - Slipping a keyword in the descriptive sentence is more than enough
    - Not only will Google have no trouble understanding what your page is about, but more importantly, it will index the image in question (linked to your site's address) in the image search results
  6. ✍️ Tips - We want websites to be more and more accessible for the whole population, these ALT tags are a great help for the visually impaired who will understand in one second what is on the image

💪 12. Action #12: Use the robots (.txt)

  1. The robots (.txt) is the fact of hiding a page of your Website so that the robots of Google cannot scan it
  2. Why hide pages on the Site?
    - Sometimes we want to hide pages for one reason or another
    - Maybe you are still editing a page
    - Since it is not quite ready to be published, just disable its indexing
  3. How to use the robots (.txt)?
    - It's super easy on Webflow! 🤩 and so your SEO will have no problem
    - Just access the robots.txt file of your Site
    - It is available in the settings, in the SEO tab
    - Otherwise, you can simply use the page password protection feature, by Webflow

💪 13. Action #13: Disable webflow.io indexing.

  1. When you create your website on Webflow, you receive a sub-domain webflow.io
  2. This is an exact copy that is best disabled for search engines
  3. Fortunately Webflow indicates it by default as "no-follow" (otherwise the option is in the settings)
  4. I told you about duplicate content earlier, it's the same principle here
  5. Webflow duplicates your website identically
  6. What exactly is this weblow.io copy for? 🧐
    - Trying out new features and design approaches, new patterns... without anyone seeing it
    - Let's say it's an "experimentation" Site

💪 14. Action #14: Configure Google Analytics.

  1. Finally, if you haven't already done so, you must configure your Google Analytics account at all costs
  2. Of course, this action will not directly improve your natural referencing
  3. But at least, you will have access to all the information you need about your website visitors (traffic sources, regions, time spent on a page...)
  4. All you have to do is to adapt your pages and articles according to

5. The 5 questions to ask yourself to know if your SEO Strategy on Webflow is working

👉 1. Question #1: Is the number of impressions increasing?

  1. The number of impressions is the number of times a website appears in the search results without being clicked
  2. This is a good starting point to check your SEO strategy, because in the beginning it is very rare to be ranked directly on the first page
  3. The most important thing is to see that you start ranking for these keywords

👉 2. Question #2: Has the number of visitors to my Website increased?

  1. The knowledge of its organic traffic is one of the key elements to know if its SEO strategy works or not
  2. The goal is not only to be the first on Google, we especially want visits and conversions

👉 3. Question #3: Do I have a good click-through rate?

  1. As we have seen, the impression rate is used to know the visibility rate of a page while the click rate allows to know if the content is interesting and corresponds exactly to the visitor's search
  2. A good click-through rate would be around 2.35% according to Wordstream

👉 4. Question #4: Are there any other Websites that link to mine? And are they reliable?!

  1. Backlinks are one of the pillars of a good SEO strategy and very appreciated by search engines
  2. If you are doing a good SEO, it is natural that you have an increase in the number of backlinks to your website
  3. ✍️ Tips - it is better to have 2 quality backlinks than 10 poor ones

👉 5. Question #5: Has the conversion rate increased?

  1. The reason why we invest our time in SEO is to get more traffic, more leads and consequently more revenue
  2. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who take the action you want them to take when they arrive at the website
  3. You will have understood, the conversion rate is the ultimate performance indicator
  4. Here are some indicators to detect this conversion rate:
    - Do you have more leads?
    - Is there an increase in phone calls?
    - Is your mailing list growing?
    - Are you seeing an increase in sales for your e-commerce site?
  5. These indicators will not only let you know that your SEO strategy is working, but also determine your return on investment

6. My 4 Tips to be first in Google search results thanks to your SEO on Webflow

✨ Tip #1: There are no secrets to being first on Google, you need a Strategy and understand the standards imposed by the search engine

✨ Tip #2: Optimize what you already have in place, spot the high number of impressions of the keywords for which Google already prioritizes your Website in its organic results (between the 1st and 10th position) and optimize them.

✨ Tip #3: Create original and useful content by targeting specific keywords, and once you publish that new content, share the link to your community

✨ Tip #4: Identify keywords by putting yourself in the visitor's shoes:
- A keyword = the question a visitor is asking
- Your content = the answer they are looking for

To conclude

You've just seen 14 actions to put in place to create your own SEO Strategy with Webflow. Granted, there's a bit of work ahead of you, but fortunately Webflow makes all these processes easier as you've seen! I can't imagine how else to do it... it would probably require the intervention of an SEO professional....

And my last Tips for today 👉 (even though I think this article is a mountain of Tips) progresses gradually, only by doing you can know what works and what doesn't. Don't see the impossible mountain to climb, imagine, every little rung to climb to be able to get to the top.

You now have all the keys to implement these 14 tactics in your business, you will not take long to see that your site is slowly (but surely) rising in the top search results of Google

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