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Complete guide to working remotely and staying motivated

Complete guide to working remotely and staying motivated


You will discover everything you need to know about working remotely and especially how to keep your motivation on the long term.

I will present you a complete guide to accompany you in your life as a remote worker and optimize your daily routine.

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 " Remote work, I've heard a lot about it, it's probably a "fad" but is it really for me? And if so, how do I implement this new way of working into MY routine?" 💬

As you'll see, there are several things you need to know before you start remote working.

It's not for everyone and many people who have tried remote working have simply stopped because they didn't implement certain elements to "spice up" their day.

Whether you're a remote worker or not, you need to feel fulfilled with each day you spend, and that's what we're going to see here!

So grab a little Frappuchino, get comfortable, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is working in Remote?
  2. Why isn't working in Remote for everyone?
  3. What are the 4 actions to put in place to work effectively in Remote?
  4. My 26 ideas to breathe, take a break and think about yourself when working in Remote
  5. 10 questions to ask yourself to succeed in working in Remote
  6. My 7 tips for working in Remote

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1. What is working in Remote?

  1. We often hear that it is the fact of working as a digital nomad, remotely or at home
  2. For an employee
    - It is the fact of working from home
    - Some expenses are paid by his boss (electricity, tech tools ...)
    - He can work his full time from home or go to work (called face to face) 1, 2, 3 or 4 days a week depending on what is agreed with his boss
  3. For a freelancer or an entrepreneur
    - It is the fact of working from the place where he wants
    - From home
    - In a café dedicated to the "worker"
    - In a co-working space
    - Abroad, in an Airbnb for example
    - One decides to work remotely with the aim of changing the working environment, to get some fresh air or to isolate oneself
  4. This is what I did myself when I tried coworking spaces (here, a little article to read for inspiration) in the nearest big city to me

2. Why is working in Remote not for everyone?

1. Working in Remote is not for you if you 🙅♂️🙅♀️:

  1. Work with physical products and you have to be present for your business to work
  2. Don't like to be isolated and in your bubble
  3. Think that social contacts are essential in everyday life
  4. Needs a routine and a familiar setting to be able to work

2. Working remotely is for you if you 🙋♀️🙋♂️:

  1. Work digitally
  2. Likes to isolate yourself to work on a specific project or to think without distraction
  3. Want to get some fresh air in a heavenly place to live
  4. Enjoys sightseeing while working on your tasks and missions
  5. Know how to assemble your team digitally (if you work with other freelancers and contractors)

3. What are the 4 actions to put in place to work effectively in Remote?

1. Action n° 1 🧐: Prepare

  1. Plan all the equipment you will need on site
  2. The minimum: Laptop, Water bottle, Backpack or handbag, Notepad and pen and
  3. TIPS ✍️ - Don't forget your Earpods to isolate yourself from ambient noise if necessary

2. Action n° 2 🤓: Organize

  1. Make sure your destination has a place where you can work in peace and quiet
  2. Never forget to check the most important thing: Internet access
  3. Is there an option to order something for your lunch? If not, plan a small, simple and healthy meal to be productive throughout the day
  4. Does the place where you work offer activities (tennis, paddle, pool, sauna, group classes, ...) If so, organize the time of day when you are least productive in Deep work, to do it at that time (and don't forget your stuff 🤿🎾🏓🏀🛼 )

3. Action #3 🤪: Take advantage of

  1. Once you have prepared and organized everything, all you have to do is enjoy your life choice
  2. Create a routine that you enjoy and that fits the lifestyle you see yourself living for the next few years of your life
  3. Don't force yourself to stay in a situation that doesn't suit you
  4. If something bothers you, change, modify and adapt your rhythm

4. Action #4 🤑: Budgeting

  1. Think about your budget on the spot, whether it is abroad, in a co-working space or in a coffee shop, you have to budget everything, because paying for your drinks one day ok
  2. But if you have to multiply your consumption and the cost of your life X 30 days it figures...
  3. Even for a 3€ coffee, it's done 90€ / month and 1080€ / year so if it doesn't fit in your budget, think about your thermos 😜 ...

4. My 26 ideas to breathe, take a break and think about yourself when working in Remote

1. A short break of 15-30 min:

  1. Drink tea, coffee, water or even make yourself a green juice or smoothie
  2. Do a meditation session
  3. Take a music break (volume up of course 😜)
  4. Take a little nap
  5. Take a little walk in the fresh air with or without your dog 🐶
  6. Watch a YouTube video
  7. Listen to a podcast episode
  8. Call a friend
  9. Schedule a personal appointment on your work day
  10. Do breathing exercises or stretching
  11. Go out for a run
  12. Take a snack break
  13. Water your plants and take care of them

2. An average break of 1 hour:

  1. Read a book
  2. Learn something new
  3. Have a virtual coffee / breakfast with a freelance buddy
  4. Make a workout out of your freelance day
  5. Doing yoga

3. A long break of more than 3-4 hours:

  1. Play a video game online or even with several people
  2. Simply read
  3. Lunch out with someone
  4. Go on a shopping spree

4. Take the day off:

  1. Visit a city near you and organize a city trip
  2. Have a day in a thalasso center, Spa, ...
  3. Organize a "sport" or "adventure" day
  4. Do NOTHING :-)

5. The 10 questions to ask yourself to succeed in working well in Remote

👉 Question #1: Which hybrid work method best suits my current business?

👉 Question #2: How do I find a welcoming country if I decide to work remotely? Discover the Nomadlist.com nugget to organize your digital nomad adventure

👉 Question #3: How do you make important decisions from a distance?

👉 Question #4: How will I manage the projects?

👉 Question #5: How will I find new assignments?

👉 Question #6: How will I organize my day - What about my daily routine?

👉 Question #7: How will I combat procrastination?

👉 Question #8: How will I not let myself get lonely and unmotivated

👉 Question #9: What companies are hiring in Full Remote? Here are someremote job search platforms: Remotive.io; We Work Remotely; Remote OK.

👉 Question #10: What digital tools will I keep or add to my no-code and automation paraphernalia?

6. My 7 tips for working in Remote

Tip #1 🤝: Accept the projects you're going to do based on whether you choose to work remotely or not because it involves a very different day-to-day work and life (be careful not to procrastinate for lack of motivation)

Tip #2 ✅: Effectively plan for the tasks you'll perform during your remote work

✨ Tip #3 💪 Create a work routine that works for you (see article: 13 steps to structure your days).

✨ Tip #4 ☯️: Alternate deep work sessions & chill sessions

✨ Tip #5 ⏰ Manage jet lag if you're planning to go halfway around the world.

✨ Tip #6 🗓️: Inform your clients, your team of your time slots during which you will not be available

✨ Tip #7 👯: Communicate with effective software for your clients & team.

To conclude,

You now know everything you need to know if you want to start as a remote worker and especially how to keep your motivation in the long run.

You have in hand a complete guide to accompany you in your life as a remote worker and optimize your daily routine

And my last Tips for today 👉 Always stay in "open-minded" mode, always be open to the unexpected and welcome them as a new opportunity that presents itself to you without trying too hard to control each situation.

You now have all the keys to succeed in your transition to your new life as a remote worker.

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