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Complete guide to differentiate yourself from your competitors inspired by the book Blue Ocean Strategy (& with the help of ChatGPT)

Complete guide to differentiate yourself from your competitors inspired by the book Blue Ocean Strategy (& with the help of ChatGPT)
Complete guide to differentiate yourself from your competitors inspired by the book Blue Ocean Strategy (& with the help of ChatGPT)


We're going to talk mainly about you and more specifically how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and what makes you unique.

What better than the Blue Ocean Strategy book co-authored by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne which represents the pure concept of taking a stand against your competitors, to inspire the content of this blog post!

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "Barfff, I don't know about that, I'm hesitant to jump in, there are plenty of others on the market doing the same Business as me and they already have a big community and then they are already way further than me and then..." 💬

As you'll see, these are just "false" excuses and limiting thoughts that only keep you from moving forward! Your biggest enemy is yourself and not others...

So, stay with us until the end because we will present you with an incredible guide to position yourself as a leader in your field and make sure that you are swimming in a turquoise ocean without the shadow of a competitor on the horizon.

And this, of course, for more conversion and serenity in everything you undertake.

So grab a little Earl Grey, get comfy, and let's go kiki, we'll explain everything 🤓

You ready? Let's go!

Here is what we will see together

  1. Who are Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, the co-authors of the book Blue Ocean Strategy?
  2. What is differentiation from competitors and what are its characteristics?
  3. Why differentiate yourself from your competitors? The 5 advantages of differentiating yourself from your competitors
  4. What are the 5 main principles to stand out from the competition that are explained in the Blue Ocean Strategy? (Concrete example)
  5. The complete 10-step guide to differentiating yourself from your competitors based on the Blue Ocean Strategy book
  6. 8 questions to ask yourself to see if you are doing everything you can to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  7. Our 6 tips to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  8. How can you use ChatGPT to give you a leg up and differentiate yourself from your competitors?

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1. Who are Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, the co-authors of the book Blue Ocean Strategy?

1. Who is Chan Kim?

W Chan Kim
Chan Kim
  1. Chan Kim was born in a small town in Korea and grew up admiring the great war strategists of antiquity
  2. He spent years studying their tactics and wondering how they could be applied to businesses

2. Who is Renée Mauborgne?

Renée Mauborgne
Renée Mauborgne
  1. Renée was born into a French entrepreneurial family and grew up watching her father constantly innovate and think outside the box
  2. She developed her passion for business strategy at a young age

3. What is the added value of the collaboration between Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne?

Blue Ocean Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy
  1. Together they have worked hard to become the world's most respected business strategy experts.
  2. And their book, "Blue Ocean Strategy," has become an instant classic that has helped thousands of companies stand out from the competition.
  3. In summary, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne are two incredible people who have spent their lives helping businesses succeed using bold and creative tactics.

Here's where to find more information about the Blue Ocean Strategy:

2. What is differentiation from competitors and what are its characteristics?

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is an art, but it's also a lot of fun! In the book "Blue Ocean Strategy", the authors define what it means to be different from the competition and the characteristics that make it possible:

1. Create a new market

  1. By creating or expanding new demand
  2. Instead of fighting in a saturated and competitive market, it is about identifying opportunities to create a new market and attract new customers.
  3. You need to ask the right questions and understand your Ideal Client perfectly
  4. To ask himself what he is looking for and that he has difficulty in finding or simply cannot find on the current market

2. Focus on your own value

  1. It is about focusing on activities that add value for the Customer
  2. These values must be unique and differentiate them from the competition.
  3. This can include exclusive products or services, an exceptional customer experience, etc.
  4. What else can you offer that your Ideal Client can't find elsewhere?

3. Eliminate what is unnecessary

  1. In terms of time, energy and money
  2. It is about identifying activities that do not create value for the customer and eliminating them
  3. Which process does not work or does not work well?
  4. Which advertisements and investments do not bring value to the end customer?
  5. How to simplify your delivery times?
  6. This reduces costs and improves the profitability of the company

4. Create an offer that is simple

  1. The simpler the better
  2. Nothing difficult is converting
  3. Simplify your process, your offer, your communication, etc.
  4. All of this is to make it easy for the customer to understand the benefits and value you can provide.
  5. This may include simplifying the ordering process, clear communication, etc.
  6. To help you in your approach, we invite you to read our blog post: Positioning your Business in 2023: 7 exercises to define a clear message inspired by Seth Godin (& ChatGPT)

5. Constantly innovate

  1. It is a matter of always looking for new opportunities for innovation to differentiate oneself from the competition and remain competitive.
  2. The market evolves all the time as does the demand of your Ideal Client
  3. If you stagnate, others will catch up
  4. Don't look back and never stop moving forward
  5. This may include researching new products or services, continuous process improvement, etc.

In short, differentiating yourself from the competition means being bold, creative, and above all, thinking differently!

And all with a smile, of course!

The 3 characteristics to differentiate yourself from your competitors:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Simplicity

3. Why differentiate yourself from your competitors? The 5 advantages of differentiating yourself from your competitors

1. Benefit #1 👋: Improve brand recognition.

  1. By differentiating itself from the competition, the company can create a strong and memorable brand image that stands out from its competitors
  2. This brand image inspires confidence and security in your future customer
  3. This will surely lead you to more conversions and more results

2. Benefit #2 🫵: Attracting new customers

  1. Your uniqueness and originality will make you a real magnet for new clients
  2. Find what makes you different from others
  3. By creating a unique and differentiating offer, the company can attract new customers who are looking for a different and exceptional experience

3. Benefit #3 🙌: Retain existing customers.

  1. Differentiation also allows the company to retain its existing customers who are more satisfied and less inclined to go and see what is happening in the competition.
  2. Your difference will become singular and familiar to your Clients
  3. They will not be able to find the same energy, the same quality or the same originality elsewhere
  4. It is also a guarantee of quality to which customers quickly become accustomed

4. Benefit #4 🫰 Increase profit margins.

  1. Since you are unique and your offer is unique, because of the differentiating and original touch you will have given it, your offer does not exist anywhere else
  2. It's up to you to set the price you want since it is incomparable
  3. By eliminating unnecessary costs and creating a unique and differentiated offering, the company can increase profit margins and improve profitability.

5. Benefit #5 💪 Position yourself as an expert.

  1. Stop the damn impostor syndrome
  2. Did you know that to consider yourself an expert, you must have knowledge +/- 10% above the average knowledge of your community?
  3. And then by doing, you learn, so the adage "fake it until you make it" is really not bad in this case
  4. Be careful, always remaining honest and ethical towards your Clients, you must always bring the promise of what you have done.

4. What are the 5 main principles for standing out from the competition that are explained in the Blue Ocean Strategy? (Concrete example)

In this point, we will take as an example Apple, which is, in our opinion, one of the best examples of a company that has managed to create its own blue ocean in the middle of a hyper saturated technology market. The proof is that they are market leaders and that they set the prices without worrying about their competitors. So we are no longer talking about the Tech market, but about the "Apple" market.

1. Principle #1: Eliminate the unnecessary

  1. Keep only what works and what is useful
  2. Everything else that is superfluous goes straight into the trash
  3. We aim for simplicity

In the Apple example:

  • You know they don't offer unnecessary options on their products
  • They focus on what is important to the user and eliminate the rest, which helps them stand out from their competitors
  • It's like getting rid of all the socks with holes in them and focusing on the ones that are in good condition

2. Principle 2: Simplify the process

  1. How does your Ideal Client think?
  2. Act and create your Offer according to this
  3. There must be no hitch in their journey from the moment they come into contact with one of the offers until the moment you convert them

In the Apple example:

  • Apple continues to simplify its products to improve the user experience
  • They have reduced the physical buttons on their phones for a smoother experience
  • And they have simplified the menus for a more intuitive use
  • It's like getting rid of all the unnecessary accessories that clutter up your car windshield for a simpler driving experience and a cleaner field of vision

3. Principle #3: Increase differentiators

  1. Target the expectations of your Ideal Customer in relation to your Offer
  2. Find out exactly what they are looking for and what element of your Offer will tip the scales in your favor.
  3. Once you have determined this element, work hard to improve it and constantly innovate in this direction

In the Apple example:

  • Apple is focused on continuous improvement of their products.
  • They added better cameras, bigger and brighter screens, faster processors, etc.
  • It's like adding a premium audio system to your car to enhance your driving experience

4. Principle #4: Create complementary products or services

  1. Once you have succeeded in converting your customer, he is seduced by what you offer
  2. Take the opportunity to do what is called up-selling and sell complementary offers
  3. In this way the customer "value" can increase considerably
  4. It can be a complementary offer or even a subscription

In the Apple example:

  • Apple has created an ecosystem of complementary products, such as the Apple Watch and AirPods, that easily connect to their existing products to provide an even more personalized experience
  • Consider this principle as adding accessories to your car to adapt it to your needs (sunroof, hands-free kit, towball ...)

5. Principle #5: Establish a new product or service category

  1. This is a principle that is not very easy to put in place
  2. Because it's really creating a new need and a new demand
  3. It is necessary to dig the head but once again, nothing is impossible...

In the Apple example:

  1. Apple created a new product category with the launch of the iPod, which revolutionized the way we listen to music.
  2. They set a new standard for portable entertainment products, and differentiated themselves from their competitors by creating something completely new.
  3. It's kind of like inventing a new form of transportation that would completely change the way we move (Elon Musk isn't bad in terms of a differentiator either 🚀).

5. The complete 10-step guide to differentiating yourself from your competitors based on the Blue Ocean Strategy book

1. Step 1 🪣: Analyze your market

  1. Understand today's market and existing competitors
  2. It is important to understand the market in which you operate and the existing competitors, this will help you determine the opportunities to differentiate yourself
  3. For example, if competitors are focusing on the youth market for a specific product, you could focus on the senior market by asking yourself how to adapt your offer and your communication so that your product attracts seniors

2. Step #2 💎 Create opportunities.

  1. By adapting to new demands, desires, regulations and the changing world
  2. It is important to find new opportunities to expand the demand for your products or services
  3. For example, if you sell clothing, you could expand the demand by creating a line of eco-friendly clothing to meet a growing demand for sustainable products

3. Step #3 👕: Cut your costs

  1. Be careful, you have to play it finely, because the goal is not to compromise the quality of the product.
  2. It is important to understand where you can reduce your costs by simplifying the process
  3. You can also adjust your prices and sell your Offer, which you will have made unique and original, more expensive
  4. For example, you could use cheaper alternative materials that have the same characteristics as expensive materials to reduce costs while maintaining product quality

4. Step 4 ⛴️ : Simplify your Offer

  1. Everyone likes simple things
  2. That's how our brain works!
  3. Analyze your process and your Offer and literally throw away what clutters the way and is superfluous
  4. It is important to simplify production for your products or services without compromising quality
  5. For example, you could use platforms and applications that automate some of the tedious tasks in your process

5. Step 5 🛋️: Create your differentiator

  1. It's THE little thing that will make all the difference
  2. Think about what only you (your personality, your positioning, the image you convey, the service you provide ...) can offer to your Ideal Client
  3. For example, you could offer unique features for your products that are not available from any of your competitors

6. Step #6 🐳: Innovate and create new complementary offerings.

  1. Create a unique product or service to complement your current products and enhance the experience
  2. Be a good listener in your community, conversations are worth their weight in gold
  3. Ask them also, what they can't do or find on the market
  4. For example, if you sell specific clothes for hiking, you could create a specific line of socks that fits the pants so that the rocks don't get into their shoes

7. Step #7 🌊: Assess your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Look at where you are now and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  2. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, what you do well and what can be improved
  3. For example, if you have a garden centre business, you can evaluate your existing products and see how you can differentiate them from those of your competitors by offering organic or environmentally friendly products that are unique in the marketplace

8. Step #8 📘: Develop your differentiation strategy.

  1. Determine how you will differentiate yourself from your competitors by using your unique strengths
  2. Create a note on which you will write down everything that goes through your mind and that makes you unique (qualities, defects, strengths, weaknesses, personality, ability to achieve something concrete ...)
  3. This may include launching new products, improving your current services or expanding into new markets
  4. For example, if you have decided to differentiate yourself by offering organic and ecological products, you can develop a strategy to promote them, for example by creating a range of exclusive seeds to be harvested for your customers who grow their own vegetables in their garden

9. Step #9 🚙 Take action and move on.

  1. Take the necessary actions to implement your differentiation strategy.
  2. This can include launching new products, training yourself or your employees, improving your process, etc.
  3. For example, if you have developed a strategy to promote your organic and green products, you can now implement that strategy by training your employees on the benefits of these products, presenting them attractively in your store, and promoting them on social networks

10. Step 10 🫐 : Perform and Adjust

  1. Monitor your results and adjust your Differentiation Strategy at least twice a year
  2. Make sure you continue to differentiate yourself from your competitors based on your results and goals
  3. For example, if you are tracking your sales of organic and eco-friendly products, you can adjust your strategy based on the results. If you notice that your sales are increasing, you can continue to promote them and expand your line. If your sales are not as good as expected, you can adjust your Strategy by using other sales arguments or by developing other more targeted Offers.

6. The 8 questions to ask yourself to know if you are doing everything possible to differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • 👉 Question #1: Are you creating new needs by expanding the demand for your products or services?
  • 👉 Question #2: Are you reducing costs for your products or services without compromising quality?
  • 👉 Question #3: Do you simplify the production process for your products or services without changing the quality?
  • 👉 Question #4: Do you increase the differences between your products or services compared to your competitors?
  • 👉 Question #5: Are you thinking of launching new products or services to complement your current products?
  • 👉 Question #6: Do you create a new product or service category to meet an unmet need?
  • 👉 Question #7: Do you partner to expand the reach of your products or services?
  • 👉 Question #8: Do you invest in research and development to innovate and develop new products or services?

7. Our 6 tips to differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • ✨ Tip #1: Expand your vision by not sticking to what is typically done in your market and open your mind to opportunities by not being afraid to step outside your comfort zone
  • ✨ Tip #2: Avoid compromising on your value-add to be more competitive but create a new market category that doesn't require compromise
  • ✨ Tip #3: Determine the elements that are holding your market (so you as much as your competitors) back from producing your Offering and create a new market category that no longer takes these brakes into account and frees up value creation.
  • ✨ Tip #4: Focus on consumer behaviors rather than your Offer itself, understand their motivations and frustrations to better meet their needs
  • ✨ Tip #5: Create a streamlined sales process that eliminates unnecessary costs and improves the user experience
  • ✨ Tip #6: Cooperate with key strategic partners who have strong differentiating power to create mutual value. They can help you reach a broader market category that can only give you more visibility

8. How to use ChatGPT to give yourself a boost and differentiate yourself from your competitors (Concrete example)

Here is a sample question to ask ChatGPT to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors:

Hello ChatGPT, imagine you are a car salesman specialized in ecological cars, help me to differentiate myself from my competitors based on this guide: 1. Analyze the market, 2. Create opportunities, 3. Reduce costs, 4. Simplify your offer, 5. Create the differentiator, 6. Innovate and create new offerings, 7. Assess strengths and weaknesses, 8. Develop the differentiation strategy, 9. Act and take action, 10. Perform and adjust your differentiation strategy.
ChatGPT's answer to the question, "How do I differentiate myself from my competitors?"
ChatGPT's answer to our question

To conclude,

Now you know how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and what makes you unique.

No more "false" excuses and limiting thoughts that only keep you from moving forward, now you can sit back and question what makes your little thing all your own a real magnet for a new customer.

And our final (and most crunchy 🍪) Tips for today 👉 Everyone has differentiating power just like everyone has different fingerprints. Even if you think your market is saturated and there are plenty of others offering the same deal, content, product or service, tell yourself that no one will do it the same way as you! You are unique and you can dig and find that little thing that will make you unique and that will make customers want to come to you and not to someone else! We agree with you, it's not easy, but it's definitely possible! It's up to you to dig.

You now have all the keys to position yourself as a leader in your field and make sure that you are swimming in a turquoise ocean without a single competitor on the horizon.

It's up to you!

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