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Complete guide to content creation without burning out (7-step manual)

Complete guide to content creation without burning out (7-step manual)
Complete guide to content creation without burning out (7-step manual)


You're going to discover a complete guide on content creation and more specifically how to create impactful content without burning out and being consistent over time.

I'm going to present you with a seamless process to get started with content creation in a very simple way that generates results

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "Creating content is way too complicated for me, it takes up way too much of my time and I don't know how to keep up with it over time" 💬

As you will see, everything in its own time, the objective here is to start but above all to persevere over time to get results that match your efforts thanks to a process in 7 SUPER simple steps!

And this, of course, for more conversions and to optimize the efforts you make for your business.

So grab a little Latte, sit back, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is content creation? Is it still interesting?
  2. Why is content creation an interesting way to develop your business?
  3. 20 reasons to start creating content now
  4. What are the 7 steps to start creating content?
  5. The 10 questions to ask yourself to create content without burning out?
  6. My 9 Tips for Building a Community through Content Creation

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Complete guide to content creation without burning out (7-step manual)

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1. What is content creation? Is it still interesting?

1. What's this?

  1. The creation of content can be considered as a sharing:
    - of experience
    - of a personal analysis
    - of an expertise
    - of a vision
    - of an idea
    - of a skill
    - ...
  2. The creation of content can be done in different formats:
    - Written
    - Audio
    - Photos
    - Videos
    - ...
  3. Content creation is done on which platform ?
    - Content creation evolves and changes continuously according to the trendy platforms of the moment
    - By the creation of rich and qualitative texts (hello bloggers)
    - By the creation of hyper aesthetic photos (hello instagrammers)
    - By the creation of carefully edited videos (hello Youtubers or TikTokkeurs)
    - And this is only a sample of the possibilities, because every day other innovative platforms and supports are born
  4. Content creation in a few concrete ideas:
    - Write a book or an ebook
    - Create a vlog
    - Publish a podcast
    - Make tutorials
    - Share your expertise
    - Publish a column
    - Write a blog post (also called bilais)
    - ...

2. Is content creation interesting for business?

  1. YES, and ARCHI - YES!
  2. But (because there's always a but 😅 ) only if you're willing to commit to the long term
  3. The competition being tough, you will have to be inventive and try to create content that you like and especially that attracts your audience
  4. What makes all the difference in content creation is the "recurrence" of the creator over time
  5. The results, which can take several months or even years before being able to reap the benefits, mean that many creators quickly give up
  6. It's good to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint!
  7. The important thing is to find the right balance between innovation and the pleasure of creating content

2. Why is content creation an interesting way to develop your business?

1. The #1 goal of content creation 🫶 Share.

  1. The goal of content creation is to bring value to a group of people called"Audience" belonging to a very specific field called"Niche".
  2. It is the ideal way to develop new skills
  3. It is the principle of learning and sharing knowledge in real time with your audience

2. Content creation objective #2 🫵: Positioning yourself

  1. By regularly publishing quality content related to your field of activity, you can position yourself as a reliable expert in your field
  2. This knowledge sharing will create a strong bond of trust between you and your audience
  3. What will increase your brand awareness through content creation
  4. The purpose of content creation is to increase the awareness and visibility of your brand

3. Content creation goal #3 👋 Attract.

  1. When you post regularly on social media, your presence is simply increased: your Customers and potential Customers see more of your brand and better understand your Offer
  2. Whatever platform you use, the important thing is to attract your audience to your website
  3. Because only your Website is 100% yours
  4. Everything else is ephemeral and imposes an algorithm that is too changeable and that you don't control at all

4. The #4 goal of content creation 🤌 Convert and Monetize.

  1. Once you have provided value, positioned yourself as an expert and attracted as many leads as possible to your website, you will be able to benefit financially as :
  2. The conversion of leads into customers through the trust that has been established
  3. The collection of income from services through collaborations
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Advertising
  6. Partnerships
  7. Income from affiliations
  8. etc...

3. 20 reasons to start content creation now + Bonus 🚀

  1. Reason #1: Create content to develop your business
  2. Reason #2: Create content to speak to your audience
  3. Reason #3: Create content to find customers
  4. Reason #4: Create content to prove your expertise
  5. Reason #5: Create content to increase visibility
  6. Reason #6: Create content to expand your network
  7. Reason #7: Create content to talk about your passion freely
  8. Reason #8: Create content to strengthen your personal brand
  9. Reason #9: Create content to offer a long and detailed format (contrary to snack content)
  10. Reason #10: Create video or podcast content for great monetization opportunities
  11. Reason #11: Create video or podcast content to recycle strong content occasionally
  12. Reason #12: Create content to gain a highly engaged audience
  13. Reason #13: Create content to increase website traffic and search engine optimization
  14. Reason #14: Create content to monetize your passion
  15. Reason #15: Create content to share your learning
  16. Reason #16: Create content that goes into great detail about a topic
  17. Reason #17: Create content to reap the benefits automatically
  18. Reason #18: Create content to find partners
  19. Reason #19: Create content to find investors
  20. Reason #20: Create content to get quick feedback from your audience
  21. BONUS - Creating content to develop new skills

4. What are the 7 steps to get started with content creation + Bonus 🚀

1. Step 1: Targeting

  1. The content you create must resonate with your audience and demonstrate that you have the solution to their problem
  2. The niche and the style of the subject you choose will be personal, but must at all costs appeal to your audience
  3. Find an area and a style that is not yet exploited, and make your way in your blue ocean
  4. Tips ✍️ - Personalize your audience (= your Ideal Customer) to better know who you are talking to
    - What is his name?
    - How old is he?
    - What is his job? What job does he do?
    - How do you talk to him? (You, you,
    - What language do you use? (colloquial, humorous, "cash", ...)
    - What are his hobbies?
    - What are his problems?
    - What time does he have free time?
    - ....

2. Step 2: Choosing the format

  1. There are four main formats:
    1. Articles (🫶Share+++ / 🫵Positioning++++ / 👋Attraction++++ / 🤌Monetization+)
    2. Videos (🫶Share+++ / 🫵Positioning+++ / 👋Attraction+++ / 🤌Monetization++++)
    3. Podcasts (🫶Sharing+++ / 🫵Positioning++ / 👋Attraction++ / 🤌Monetization++)
    4. Photos (🫶Sharing+++ / 🫵Positioning++ / 👋Attraction+ / 🤌Monetization+++)
  2. These formats are still available in many ways such as:
    - Short format: Tiktok/Reels/Shorts
    - Live: YouTube, Twitch,...
    - White paper and e-book
    - Newsletter
    - Round table audio or video
    - ... and many others

3. Step 3: Search for subjects in 3 areas

1. Axis n° 1 🧑🤝🧑 : Your audience
- We're not going to lie, your topic, must interest your audience
- You need to identify your audience's demand and respond to it
- Otherwise, you won't have a large engaged community that will support you to come up with ideas
👉 You can ask your audience directly what they need
👉 You can help yourself with Google
👉 You can create a form on your Website by surveying visitors and analyzing their response

2. Axis n° 2 🙋♂️ : You
- To be able to create content in the long term and without exhausting yourself, one of the magic formulas is adhesion:
- You must like what you do
- The easiest way is to find a subject that interests you, that you are passionate about and that you want to dissect in great detail

3. Axis n° 3 🌈 : Coherence
- Do your topics have a common thread between them?
- Can you link them to each other?
- Are your content creations likely to be quoted by other creators?
- Have I done NO "copy and paste" (very important because, from ☝️ it is not good and from ✌️ it is very strongly penalized by Google)

4. Step 4: Organization

  1. OK, now you'll have to plan the content creation in your schedule
  2. What days do you decide to dedicate to the preparation, writing, recording and editing
  3. Try to make a "typical" week and stick to it
  4. But, no stress, nothing is fixed
  5. Adapt if this routine does not suit you, but find a schedule that is pleasant to follow and add "pleasure" breaks, as I explained in my article : 13 steps to structure your day

5. Step 5: Taking Action

  1. It's time to get started and create
  2. It is sometimes the most difficult stage, where you question yourself and during which you are perhaps even close to giving up everything
  3. Will it be "perfect" enough?
  4. But know that nothing is perfect, everything is in motion and in full evolution
  5. The best thing is to jump in, move forward and you can always refine, adapt and evolve your content afterwards
  6. Tips ✍️ - To work most efficiently, I recommend that you touch each task only once

6. Step 6: Publication

  1. Make sure you check the content you are about to put online
  2. Is the sound OK? Is the picture OK? Is the quality OK?
  3. Use software and automate what you can (e.g. SemRush, Later, ...)
  4. Tips ✍️ - I advise you to publish regularly or even daily for 6 to 12 months minimum WITHOUT expecting any particular results but keeping the same rigor and the same quality of content

7. Step 7: Optimizing "views

  1. Once your content is published, don't hesitate to share it
    - In your newsletter
    - To people close to you
    - On your networks
    - In your community
    - In Facebook groups
    - ...
  2. This sharing is essential to make you known and expand your community
  3. Tips ✍️ - Don't be afraid that the content you share may have already been explained on the web, what is sure is that it has never been explained as you do

8. BONUS step: Recycling in 2 phases

1. Phase 1: Instantly recycle
- Once you have created quality content for a specific format, there is nothing to stop you from transposing that same content to another format and increasing your online presence
- This type of content recycling is intended to accelerate the process of attracting your audience
- And multiply by 2 or 3 your efforts

2. Phase 2: Recycle for the long term
- Update your content and share it every 6 to 12 months
- This is called hitting the nail on the head once more
- You've probably heard that in advertising, you have to repeat a message 7 times before you get it right
- If it works in advertising, it sure works in content creation too!

5. The 10 questions to ask yourself to create content without burning out?

👉 Question #1: What is my niche and what is its problem?

👉 Question #2: What does my niche search for in Google to fix its problem?

👉 Question #3: How much quality content can I produce per week?

👉 Question #4: Can I do the same next week, and the week after, and the week...?

👉 Question #5: Am I maximizing all my work efforts?

👉 Question #6: What are going to be my small, easily achievable goals?

👉 Question #7: Can I kill two birds with one stone with my content by recycling it into another format?

👉 Question #8: Does the content I'm going to produce still animate me?

👉 Question #9: Can I simplify my content creation without losing originality?

👉 Question #10: Will I be able to delegate my method in the future to a CM (= Community manager)?

6. My 9 Tips for Building a Community through Content Creation

Tip #1 🤝: Create content that is interesting to you, your audience, and consistent

It's the ideal content for your target that counts, but it's good to remember that you have to put this trio together to expect the best results

Tip #2 🫶: Follow your passions see your obsessions

Be passionate about the topic you've decided to share and even be a little crazy about it to the point of developing it at night and on weekends (see the little voice that wakes you up and keeps you from going back to sleep? That's it!)

✨ Tip #3 👌 Determine when and how to build your community

Beyond the community on the platform of your choice (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest,...) it is interesting to create a support group (= Your community) yourself. This group can be a Facebook group or you can also offer a more complete space on the great Circle platform, for example

✨ Tip #4 🙌 Find a global and personal purpose in your community.

Creating a community means creating something bigger than yourself. It is therefore necessary to do everything possible to ensure that the members also contribute to animating the community

✨ Tip #5 🫵: Surround yourself with the right people.

Once your community grows, you will need to appoint moderators (who are often the most active members) and surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you

✨ Tip #6 💪 Be ambitious and share the good cheer.

Who would like to be part of a grumpy community? Nobody, we agree! So do whatever it takes to create a positive atmosphere and get rid of the "troublemakers" :-)

✨ Tip #7 🙏: Think about the value you offer your "self" who didn't know what you're sharing today

Creating a community takes time, but the new members will be beginners like you, you will have become an expert in the meantime. So you have to keep this spirit of mutual help even if some answers seem obvious to you. A good way to do this is to find your own requests for help when you were just starting out

✨ Tip #8 🤌 Measure the commitment and be aware of your numbers.

It's important to track the number of new subscribers, the engagement of your posts, etc. to know where you're going and project yourself in time

✨ Tip #9 🫴: Always be willing to help and share

Get informed and always be on the lookout for new ideas or tips to share with your community

To conclude,

You've just seen a complete guide on content creation and more specifically how to create content serenely and keeping the pace in the long run

You know all the tips and seamless process to start content creation in a very simple way generating results quickly

And my last Tips for today 👉 Keep your feet on the ground and stay at all costs available for your community.
ALWAYS make time for your readers, your followers and supporters and your community members, even if sometimes you respond later or in a few words, it's crucial to do so 😉

You now have all the keys to start content creation step by step and create your own routine to incorporate this task in your schedule

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