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Coworking Space : The best coworking spaces in Brussels that I tested

Freelance,Web Design
Espace Coworking : The best coworking spaces in Brussels
Espace Coworking : The best coworking spaces in Brussels

Coworking space and freelancing go hand in hand and offer a certain freedom! Not only do I have my own working hours, but I can also work from wherever I want (at home, in a coffee shop, a library and of course coworking). However, did you know that there is a place dedicated to freelancers? These are the coworking spaces. I often go there to work, I find that it creates a balance between professional and personal life. Your home will then keep its cosy side.

On the other hand, in coworking spaces, opportunities are by the dozen (or more). I regularly meet new professionals there, but not only. Most of them are driven by the same passion that drives you: to develop your business.

You can expect to sign new contracts, or to meet other web designers who are also passionate about Webflow or Wordpress

As you are starting out as a freelancer (or plan to), I thought it was a good idea to share with you my experiences in the different coworking spaces I've tested in Brussels.

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But tell me, do you prefer to work at home or in public places?

A-I am very sociable by nature, I love public places, and I am very curious to see the advantages of working in coworking spaces
B-I am rather introverted... I stay in my little bubble, it's better for everyone

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NB: I will list these coworking spaces randomly. Their order is therefore not at all related to my preferences.

  1. Silversquare
  2. Manistal
  3. Buzzy Nest
  4. Beillard
  5. Fosbury & Sons
  6. The Mug
  7. Transforma Bxl
  8. SN Cube
  9. Conclusion
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1. Coworking space Silversquare

Silversquare has several locations in Brussels, but I could only test the one located at Avenue Louise (Avenue Louise 523, 1050 Brussels) . Personally, I found the welcome, the atmosphere and the location great! I spent a great day between the Bois de la Cambre and the city.

- Location

It has an ideal location, which explains the fact that it is very busy; I have seen different profiles of entrepreneurs, working in different fields. Moreover, all means of transportation lead to it: car, train, bicycle, subway...

So, if you want to network, you know where to start your quest ;)

- Premises

If you're one of those introverted people who don't like to be around people, I suggest you go to Silversquare. Indeed, don't think that coworking space necessarily means public space where a lot of people meet.

On the contrary, at Silversquare, there are private offices. And if one of your prospects or clients asks you for a meeting, but you don't have a suitable space to offer them, these offices are more than suitable.

However, great spaces are also available!

- Relaxation break

Sometimes you need a break. Silversquare offers breakout zones. That's right! There is more to life than work, work, and more work. Breakfasts and lunches are even offered within their premises.

- Opportunities

Silversquare regularly organizes events that you can attend if you are a member. You don't have to join now. You can try it out for a day first and then see if it's worth your while to join or not.

Here is a page they have dedicated to the events they organize by the way: https://silversquare.eu/events/.

2. Manistal Coworking Space

I really enjoyed my visit to Manistal. As soon as I stepped through the door, I saw that it has a little "special" feel compared to all the other coworking spaces I've visited.

- Location

First of all, it is located in the heart of Brussels, and therefore, accessible, even by public transport. Obviously, surrounded by bars, restaurants... it is well located. That's probably why Manistal offers scooter rental. Maybe some of the members need to go somewhere, in the surroundings, for one reason or another.

- Premises

Manistal is a prestigious coworking space, so when you offer your clients a meeting in their premises, I'm sure they'll be happy to come. Plus, you have a choice of rooms:

  • a large room that can accommodate 20 people
  • small and cosy rooms

- Relaxation break

Imagine a kitchen area (very well equipped), with a large table around which you can discuss anything and everything. During your breaks, this space is just waiting for you. In fact, how about a game of foosball in the same room to set the mood?

I feel like I'm not in a coworking space, but at home; and I love that feeling. No office pressure or stress.

- Opportunities

Do you know BECI, the chamber of commerce in Brussels? In fact, Manistal is right next door. And there is not a day that goes by without a professional event taking place there: conferences, workshops...

Even better, Manistal itself offers its own events ; these events include topics related to business, human relations, accounting, etc.

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3. Buzzy Nest Coworking Space

Buzzy Nest coworking space is unique. I've never seen a coworking space decorated in this way. To summarize, it has a "pop culture and 90's" decoration. Mickeys, Superheroes, Tintin... You see them everywhere (and when I say "everywhere", it really is). Don't think it's childish, it's mostly creative. I see them as a good dose of inspiration !

- Location

It is a bit different from the two previous coworking spaces. Indeed, it is located in a private domain, in La Hulpe. A green landscape even surrounds it. It looks like the private home of Batman and Robin.

Although it is a domain, it is accessible by public transportation; the bus stop is located at the exit of the domain. If you don't have your own transportation, this is not a problem.

- Premises

There are different kinds of meeting rooms at Buzzy Nest. There is something for everyone. However, for meetings in sobriety, I recommend BrainBox. If I had to introduce you to all the meeting rooms, it would take a long time. So, if you are interested, the Buzzy Nest website is more precise: http: //www.buzzynest.com/fr/meetings.cfm

The small rooms can also accommodate your appointments, if you want.

- Relaxation break

You will surely find this idea original, but even in the room dedicated to the coffee break, pop culture decoration is not left out. I even think it will boost your creativity, a quality very much appreciated by web designers.

Webflow Training

But enough about decoration, let's talk about the equipment present in the room. A coffee bean machine is available. I know some of you love it (as I do).

And if you're feeling peckish, there's an order and delivery service.

- Opportunities

In the middle of the coworking space is a so-called Buzzy Bar. After work events take place there. Conferences are usually held in the "Hergéconference room ".

To not miss anything, it's here.

4. Beillard Coworking Space

I don't have anything special to say about Espace coworking Beillard, except for the way theywelcome people. A few people are waiting in the first floor, just to make the welcome warm.

- Location

Beillard is located in the center of Brussels. So, architecturally, it's nothing special. Like all coworking spaces in the city center, it is rather modern.

- Premises

On the first floor as well as on the first floor, there are various office spaces, meeting rooms and alcoves . It's up to you to choose the one that suits you or your clients best (for your meetings). Not to mention the small lounges, coffee shop, inner courtyard and green space...

Reading enthusiasts will also love the fact that there are a whole bunch of them at Beillard!

- Relaxation break

Beillard also offers breakfast to those who arrive in the morning. And even with a classic breakfast, the fact that it is enjoyed in the inner courtyard, with a terrace and greenery, makes it an original, hearty and energizing breakfast! Nothing like it to start the day.

Let's go back to the coworking space itself. A coffee corner is located in the middle, and it is filled with equally delicious preparations: granola, yogurt, fruit, coffee, pastries, etc.

On the other hand, the rush is at noon; this is the time when everyone gathers to enjoy the salad bar. At this time, the atmosphere becomes even more pleasant, always with a touch of corporate.

- Opportunities

From time to time, professional events are organized in Beillard. Be on the lookout for them, by visiting their website regularly.

Coworking space
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5. Fosbury and Sons Coworking Space

I also looked for a place that gave the feeling of being "in the office". Fosbury & Sons Coworking Space meets my expectations well in those terms. Its offices are neat and well-stocked with everything I need. I'm not going to make you tell me how my productivity has skyrocketed!

- Location

In fact, Fosbury & Sons has coworking spaces in several locations, but I only went to the one in Brussels, more precisely in Boitsfort, Chaussée de la Hulpe 185, 1170 Watermael.

- Premises

You will be offered different offices, but each of them is personalized (decoration level). Some are flexible, others are classic. Still others are private. There are those that are intended for a large number of people (for possible meetings or workshops).

- Relaxation break

Within the coworking space there is a restaurant and a bar. It is obvious that if you have special orders, you can tell the chef. Otherwise, you can always get ready-made food that he offers:

  • treats
  • fresh fruit
  • filtered water
  • coffee
  • and many others

Note however that this restaurant is accessible to non-members, with a reservation (maybe this is your chance to try it?).

- Opportunities

Most of the events at Fosbury & Sons are for members, so they are by invitation only. For others, they will still have to wait and attend only the public events.

I'm not only talking about professional events; cultural and social events also exist. For more information, I invite you to visit this page from time to time.

6. Coworking space The Mug

If none of these spaces speak to you, or if you simply want to know about others, there are still a lot of them. Including The Mug coworking space . A single test day costs only 25 €, which is 30% cheaper than other coworking spaces.

- Location

The Mug is located in Flagey. So no matter how you get there, The Mug is easily accessible.

- Premises

The premises in question also contribute to give a whole new atmosphere: a 4-step Brussels house, rather old, but that's what also makes its charm!

There is a meeting room. It gives a rather calm atmosphere, in my opinion. To reserve it, just follow this link.

- Relaxation break

Doesn't the name The Mug already mean a lot? It's obvious that you can easily have your coffee there, during your break hours. Indeed, two small kitchens are in place.

There are also other nice places for lunch and afterwork within 200m from The Mug (Place Flagey).

- Opportunities

As a coworking space, The Mug naturally hosts regular events. They talk about everything here.

Coworking space
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7. Transforma Bxl Coworking Space

I continue my experience with Espace coworking Transforma bxl, one of the coworking spaces that offers an ideal working environment!

- Location

It is located in Brussels, at this address: Avenue Jules Bordet, 13 B1140. Always, easily accessible!

- Relaxation break

Breaks at Transforma Bxl can be taken wherever you want: in the relaxation room, in your office... Or in the kitchen or in the cafeteria.

And if you decide to spend fifteen minutes in the relaxation room, maybe you'd like to play the game console inside, or just relax and watch TV ? It's really up to you!

- Premises

There are several rooms and offices, each equipped with everything you need for work (scanner, photocopier, etc.). The meeting rooms can accommodate 60 people.

I have confidence in every single one of these offices at Transforma Bxl! As a coworking space, it is therefore very successful. I am so relaxed that I can concentrate entirely on my work.

That's not all, Transforma bxl coworking offers you a Podcast studio and a Photo studio. The last one has a green canvas that can be used to create a personalized background!

- Opportunities

There is not much to say, except that I strongly invite you to follow their business pages on social networks (especially Facebook and Twitter). There they share all the interesting opportunities (events that might interest us as professionals among others).

Sometimes they organize their own event.

8. Coworking space SN cube

Finally, SN Cube. I also tested it, and I would say that I chose my coworking space ;) Especially since I live only 10 km away from their space. I go there by bike, from time to time.

If I had to summarize it in a few sentences, I would say: "very family atmosphere from the moment I was welcomed, the occupants welcomed me directly as if I were already one of them; very comfortable offices and work spaces, fruit and coffee available at no extra charge and the relaxation areas are very nice."

- Location

In the middle of the city, here is its address: 455, Mechelsesteenweg, 1950 Kraainem, Belgium.

- Premises

Several meeting rooms are available - all of them designed to accommodate a large number of people. For therelaxation area, large comfortable armchairs and various games are waiting for you. In short, the breaks are obviously an opportunity not to be missed to meet new entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Moreover, Sn Cube is located in a modern building, surrounded by greenery. There is an open-air parking lot, which gives an image of professionalism to the whole. Ideal for freelancers who give appointments to their clients; it gives them an extra cachet!

- Relaxation break

I don't remember specifying it at the beginning, but I like this kind of detail: the fact that a coworking space puts at the disposal of the members a coffee machine that grinds the beans. The beverage is fresh, but the ecology is also preserved. This is the case for SN Cube.

An orange juice machine is also available. Not to mention the fresh fruit basket, available to all! I would go so far as to say that the SN Cube team has thought of everything.

- Opportunities

Not only are interesting events shared on their Facebook page, but they are all free. If you are not yet a member, you can attend them without any problem! You are even free to bring your colleagues, friends...

For SN Cube, there is a real interaction between members. The existence of the Slack group is proof of this!

Coworking space
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Iespecially tested these 8 coworking spaces, and I find them all as interesting as each other. To tell the truth, the best coworking space is relative; it depends on everyone. But if you have to choose only one, I advise you to base your choice on the location of the space and your budget. Also, the small services that make all the difference are also a criterion to consider :)

Coworking space Comment

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