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Create your first SaaS, Complete action plan in 6 steps

Create your first SaaS, Complete action plan in 6 steps
Create your first SaaS, Complete action plan in 6 steps


You'll discover everything you need to know about SaaS and more specifically an action plan (6 exactly 😉 ) to put in place to create your first SaaS

I'm going to introduce you to an efficient Process to put all the chances on your side to create a Saas that succeeds and works as soon as it is launched.

Why did I want to talk to you about SaaS?

Because the Happy.webacademy agency has proudly and fully realized the Website of StoryChief, a Super SaaS and whose CEO Valeri Potchekailov gave us some threads to create a SaaS that rocks 🚀

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "Creating a SaaS is a bit of a "push" concept for me! I don't particularly have the money or time to invest in a new project." 💬

As you will see, a SaaS is a great tool to propel your business and meet a real need of your customers. Creating a SaaS does not require a lot of financial input and can be quickly proposed to your customers thanks to a clear and precise process.

And this, of course, for more conversion and Customer Happy.

So grab a little ristretto, get comfortable, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything🤓

Are you ready? Let's go!

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is SaaS and what are the characteristics of the SaaS model?
  2. Why develop a SaaS? - The 6 advantages of creating a SaaS
  3. What are the 3 best cloud platforms to create a SaaS?
  4. What are the 6 steps to create a SaaS?
  5. The 10 questions to ask yourself before starting a SaaS?
  6. The 14 Tips for Creating a Successful SaaS

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1. What is SaaS and what are the characteristics of the SaaS model?

  1. Software as a Service(SaaS)
  2. Translated into French, it is a Software as a Service
  3. This software model has been around since 2001 and Salesforce (a well-known CRM tool) is one of the forerunners in this field
  4. This is software hosted in the cloud by a third party provider, called a cloud platform, and made available to Customers via the internet
  5. To make it simple, we don't install any software but we use it through our Internet connection
  6. The business model generally works with a monthly or annual tacit renewal payment with no defined end date, but offers in exchange regular updates for its customers
  7. It is the preferred model for Tech Startups because it is fast and scalable thanks to AWS (= Amazon Web Services) among others
  8. Here are some examples of SaaS:

1. The Webflow SaaS

  1. Type of Service: Web Site Creation
  2. Payment type: Monthly and annual payment
  3. Type of solution it solves: Helping Designers, Developers, Marketers to create professional Websites without code

2. The pCloud SaaS

  1. Service Type: Cloud File Hosting
  2. Payment Type: Single Payment
  3. Type of solution it solves: Provides secure and encrypted file hosting in the cloud

3. The Quaderno SaaS

  1. Type of service: Management of quotes and invoices
  2. Type of payment : Monthly payment
  3. Type of solution it solves: Facilitates invoicing and automatic VAT management

4. The Semrush SaaS

  1. Type of Service: SEO Optimization and Social Network Management
  2. Payment type: Monthly and annual payment
  3. Type of solution it solves: Covers SEO, PPC, content, SMM and market analysis in one platform

5. Dashlane SaaS

  1. Service Type: Password Manager
  2. Type of payment : Annual payment
  3. Type of solution it solves: It proposes the ultra simple management of sensitive data like passwords, bank card, passport, etc...

6. The SaaS *StoryChief

  1. Service Type: Blog and Editorial Manager
  2. Payment type: Monthly and annual payment
  3. Type of solution it solves: Content planning, social media, SEO writing, analytics, etc.
  4. *WOOP WOOP 🥳: The New StoryChief Website was proudly and entirely made by the Happy.webacademy Agency

2. Why develop a SaaS? - The 6 advantages of creating a SaaS

1. Advantage #1 👍 : Easy access

  1. The software can be accessed from any currency with an internet connection
  2. By definition, a SaaS needs the Internet to provide services
  3. However, many platforms have an offline mode that works independently of Internet access
  4. When the connection comes back, the data is automatically updated

2. Advantage #2 🫰: Low costs

  1. Cloud platform supports application security, access, storage and performance
  2. There are no hardware, licensing or infrastructure costs to be expected
  3. This opens the door to businesses of all sizes and at any stage of their growth

3. Advantage n° 3 👉 : Speed of use

  1. SaaS requires little or no installation
  2. The configuration is minimal
  3. Often, applications are ready to use with a few clicks
  4. This means that a SaaS can be used very quickly
  5. The goal is to get added value from its launch

4. Advantage #4 💪 : Time saving.

  1. This allows more time to be spent on strategic tasks rather than managing software and hardware

5. Advantage #5 👊 : Increased security

  1. The security is optimal because the cloud platform in charge of hosting is much more competent in this area
  2. Cloud platforms continually invest considerable budgets in privacy and security

6. Advantage #6 ✌️: Continuous updates

  1. Applications are automatically updated by the cloud platform
  2. SaaS software is updated in real time via the cloud
  3. Companies can scale software faster
  4. This means that customers receive new versions frequently and quickly, with more features, fewer bugs and enhanced security

7. BONUS - The disadvantages of creating your own SaaS (because there are still some and we are always very transparent at Happy.webacademy)

  1. The cloud platform servers may periodically crash or fail
  2. If a cloud platform goes bankrupt (which would be unbelievable but anything is possible...), you risk losing all the data and services you have developed
  3. In the long run, the cost to the company could be more expensive to use the software than to own it (it's always a question of renting and owning)

3. What are the 3 best cloud platforms to create a SaaS?

1. Platform 1: AWS (= Amazon Web Services)

1. This platform is for you 🫵, if:

  • Price is not an obstacle to your limits, AWS is the best platform to invest in to create your SaaS

2. Benefits 👍

  • 5 years more experience than others
  • Offers over 200 services
  • Broadly similar cloud computing capabilities in terms of configurable processing, storage, databases and networks
  • The AWS Compute Offering is its EC2 instances, which are highly customizable
  • You only pay for the computing capacity you use
  • Its documentation is very complete

3. Disadvantages 👎

  • Very complicated for inexperienced users
  • Budgeting and cost planning is difficult

4. Price 🤌

  • It offers a dedicated cost calculator to make the pricing factor much easier to understand, but I strongly recommend that you double check the final price before choosing because of the different types of taxes and fees
  • Price calculator

Tips ✍️: I think AWS is one of the best providers to host your SaaS in the cloud

2. Platform #2: Google Cloud

1. This platform is for you 🫵, if:

  • You are just starting out, looking for a platform that has security features such as Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP), encryption and you are looking for an easy to use service that won't break the bank

2. Benefits 👍

  • As with AWS, broadly similar cloud computing capabilities in terms of processing
  • Offers over 60 services
  • Also includes advanced data analysis and development tools
  • Whether you are uploading or downloading a 1GB file or a 100GB file, the speed will always be exceptional thanks to the fact that they use the Google Drive engine
  • Much easier to use with clearer instructions

3. Disadvantages 👎

  • If the Internet speed at your workplace is low, you will certainly have difficulty using this platform

4. Price 🤌

  • When it comes to simple pricing criteria, Google stands out with its attractive and user-friendly pricing structure
  • It tries to lower the prices that most cloud platforms charge to get contracts
  • Price calculator

3. Platform #3: Microsoft Azure

1. This platform is for you 🫵, if:

  • You have a tight budget
  • Its wide range of services and its functionalities adapted to companies make it an interesting offer

2. Benefits 👍

  • As with AWS and Google Cloud, broadly similar cloud computing capabilities in terms of processing
  • Offers over 100 services
  • Its global reach and availability
  • Azure's computing solution is based on virtual machines (VMs)
  • Azure manages everything through a single directory

3. Disadvantages 👎

  • Its lack of documentation and recommendations

4. Price 🤌

  • Azure pricing is much easier to understand
  • Its dashboard has a billing section where you can see everything
  • You can also check out Azure's price calculator to see how much it costs to use its cloud services
  • Price calculator

4. What are the 6 steps to create a SaaS?

1. Step #1 👀 Research and Analysis.

  1. It's kind of like a market study when creating a company, but transposed to the SaaS world
  2. Which service meets my Ideal Client's needs?

TO DO 👉 : Have a clear idea of what you want to create

2. Step 2 📅: Planning

  1. This step consists of developing a Strategy for all aspects of the software
  2. The goal is to create a real action plan of each element to be implemented to arrive at a finished product
  3. Including design, technology to be used, number of stakeholders, design and content

TO DO 👉 : Validate the idea of the SaaS application

3. Step #3 🔨 The architecture

  1. It is especially during this stage that the whole architecture of the software is designed
  2. What does it contain?
  3. What experience would I like to give my Client?
  4. Which structure is most appropriate for my department?

TO DO 👉 : Imagine an evolving structure

4. Step #4 💪: Development

  1. It is only in this stage that the development team will transpose the idea of SaaS into reality as a real Website
  2. The important thing is to have carried out the previous steps carefully to have a clear project and structure to send to the developers
  3. Tips ✍️ Use No Code to speed up your SaaS development, and to make your work easier, I invite you to read the blog post: No Code - The 25 best tools for Webflow (tested and approved)

TO DO 👉 : Find experienced developers

5. Step 5 🖱️ : The deployment

  1. After the development stage, it's time to present it to a small target audience who will test it
  2. Following this test, it is essential to collect the positive and negative opinions and adapt

TO DO 👉 : Gather your first users

6. Step #6 🔝: Marketing and performance analysis

  1. Marketing is essential to the development of the SaaS application
  2. You must therefore determine the best distribution channels for your SaaS application and try to acquire new customers through them
  3. Your SaaS is part of your Offerings, it's up to you to promote it and never stop making it evolve according to the needs of your Customers

TO DO 👉 : Create a Marketing Strategy with a strong return on investment.

5. The 10 questions to ask yourself before starting a SaaS?

👉 Question #1: Is my Offering suitable for a SaaS?

👉 Question #2: Am I willing to invest in growing my SaaS over the long term?

👉 Question #3: Who will I surround myself with for this project?

👉 Question #4: Which Cloud platform best meets my expectations?

👉 Question #5: What integration resources are available (Integration, API, etc)?

👉 Question #6: What is the financial health of the company that will be your cloud platform?

👉 Question #7: What is the reversibility process when changing cloud platforms?

👉 Question #8: Who hosts the user data and what is the security level?

👉 Question #9: What scalability (scalability) is possible with their services?

👉 Question #10: What is the action plan to be implemented during a problem (breakdown, force majeure, pandemic,...)?

6. The 14 Tips to create a successful SaaS

Tip #1: Create a SaaS that solves a problem

✨ Tip #2: Don't build anything that no one has asked you to build

✨ Tip #3: Conduct thorough Client research at every stage

✨ Tip #4: Make your minimum viable product as "minimum" as possible.

✨ Tip #5: Validate before building.

✨ Tip #6: Don't try to build or manage the development yourself (unless you're an expert)

✨ Tip #7: Make the decision to hire technical co-founders very wisely

✨ Tip #8: Create a freemium (= 100% free) template only if it fits the market

✨ Tip #9: Build product virality or inspire word-of-mouth

✨ Tip #10: Get started with connections, referrals, events and outreach

✨ Tip #11: Start with frictionless pricing

✨ Tip #12: Start with one communication channel and put all your energy into it

✨ Tip #13: Learn how to sell your product yourself in mini Tutorials.

✨ Tip #14: Stay focused on the core value you bring to Clients.

To conclude,

You now know everything about SaaS and you now have a complete action plan to implement to create your first SaaS

And my last Tips for today 👉 Don't spend money on paid advertisements before you are ready. Be sure your SaaS likes, works and sells before you advertise. If your SaaS doesn't convert find the mistake and once you start selling it, at that point you can establish an Advertising Strategy.

You now have all the keys to propel your Business with your first SaaS and meet a real need from your Customers.

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