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How does SEO work with Webflow?

How does SEO work with Webflow?
How does SEO work with Webflow?


We're going to talk about SEO, which means in perfect english💂 : Search Engine Optimisation, that is to say the FAMEUX Référencement Naturel. And more specifically, how does SEO work with Webflow?

So, I think as soon as you do a Google search about SEO, you come across countless blog posts trying to explain from every angle how to have the best SEO on earth and in the entire galaxy so that your Web Page can be found from Jupiter 😏

Sometimes you will come across terms like semantic code, internal linkage, meta description length, keyphrase density and so on as if it was necessary to know all this to make a good SEO ....

So, maybe you will think 👇 

💬 "Oulala, what's this, it's way too Chinese for me I'm giving up! 🧨🧨" 💬

But don't panic, stay with me, as you'll see, SEO is not complicated at all! What's more, with Webflow which makes it really easy (once again)!

After reading this article you will have gone through the basics to master SEO, know how it works with Webflow and you will be able to download the happy.webacademy's free SEO Checklist to not forget anything!

So grab a little coffee, sit back, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is SEO on Webflow?
  2. Why is having a good SEO on Webflow important?
  3. How does Webflow SEO work in 2 Phases?
  4. What are the 4 tips for a top SEO on Webflow?
  5. The 5 questions to ask yourself to optimize your SEO ?
  6. My 2 Best SEO Tools for Webflow

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1. What is SEO on Webflow?

1. SEO

  • SEO (= Search Engine Optimization)
  • It is the fact of creating a content that will be positioned in order to answer a precise request of a user on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, ...)
  • The natural referencing is punctuated at the base by the choice of keywords.
  • Attention! SEO X SEA ( = Search Engine Advertising), it is the fact of making targeted publicity to an audience that we will have chosen

2. SEO & Webflow

  • The natural referencing of a site does not depend on the software you use
  • It is based on a certain logic aimed at your target or the Internet user or your avatar
  • The advantage of Webflow is that you don't need any plugin to manage the SEO
  • SEO works on Webflow in a sort of automatic way
  • The end result is clean, semantic markup that makes developers and search engines happy

2. Why is it important to have a good SEO on Webflow?

  1. Show that you or your website exist
  2. Delivering value
  3. Answer specific questions from Internet users
  4. Attract more visitors to your website
  5. Create a reputation
  6. Create a bond of trust with the Internet user
  7. Convert more leads for your offers

3. How does Webflow SEO work in 2 Phases?

1. Phase 1: Implementation of the Strategy

  1. Who do you want to talk to?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Who are you talking to?
  4. How do you want to address your target?
  5. What do you want your reader to do?
  6. What is the purpose of your Website / Web Page

2. Phase 2: Putting it into practice

Once you have found the answer, you can specify for the whole site or by page:

  1. The Meta Title & Meta Description
  2. The Open Graph
  3. The URL or called Slug
  4. Adaptation of the different title levels (Hn)
  5. The addition of the Alt tag Image
  6. Customization of the 404 error page
  7. 301 Redirects (if necessary)
  8. Automating the submission of the Sitemap to Google Search Console
  9. The addition of the ideal Schema Markup specify to Google how you can be listed(https://hallanalysis.com/json-ld-generator/)

4. What are the 4 tips for a top SEO on Webflow?

1. Tip #1: Webflow allows to generate semantic code

  1. SEO on Webflow works very simply, you can configure the pages so that they are all optimized for Google
  2. You will be able to apply all the SEO tips listed above
  3. Webflow will create real code in a semantic way, that means "create a perfect code for SEO".

2. Tip #2: Webflow makes it super easy to create content visually

1. This makes your work easier thanks to a visual and flexible CMS:

  • Custom fields without plugins
  • Visually design content-based layouts
  • Importing content via a CSV file

2. This facilitates the work of potential content creation teams:

  • Adding new content is as easy as filling out a form
  • Publish in one click or schedule content delivery
  • Modify SEO and Open Graph tags according to the content with the CMS

3. Tip #3: Webflow allows you to use your dashboard to deepen and finalize your SEO

  1. SEO on Webflow works via the Webflow SEO settings
  • You have to check the box that you want Google to reference your site
  • The robots.txt file can be automatically modified, you just have to copy the concerned parameters
  • Then, the Sitemap is automatically created on Webflow (Make sure the box is checked)
  • Finally, the last step is to link your Google Search Console to Webflow.
  • Then go to Google Search Console, copy the relevant code, and paste it there

4. Tip #4: Use the Happy.webacademy SEO Checklist specially designed for Webflow

👉 F rom your Webflow space in the Happy.webacademy community, you can find for free: "My checklist to optimize your site and SEO perfectly"

5. The 5 questions to ask yourself to optimize your SEO ?

👉 1. Question #1: Do I have a blog on my Site?

  1. This is the best way to tell Google that your site is animated :)
  2. It must therefore be fed regularly
  3. ✍️ Tips - If you don't have time at first, you can do it at least once a week

👉 2. Question #2: Is my content enjoyable to read?

  1. Refine your blog posts to ensure good website SEO
  2. When you write a blog post, it has to be fun to read. Google likes that!

👉 3. Question #3: Is the loading time of my Website optimized?

  1. Slow pages perform poorly in organic rankings.
  2. A one-second delay in page loading corresponds to a 7% decrease in conversion rate.
  3. Webflow generates size and "srcset" attributes for static images, allowing smaller versions of online images to be automatically loaded for smartphones.

👉 4. Question #4: Is there an internal mesh?

  1. We call internal links, the internal links between several pages of the Website
  2. A healthy internal link structure will improve your website's performance in two different areas:
  • Ease of URL crawling and redistribution of link power
  • Ease of content discovery and increased user engagement
  • ✍️ Tips - While there is no substitute for manual entry, Webflow makes it easy to link to other articles automatically (filters link articles with similar topics)

👉 5. Question #5: Does my blog post meet all SEO standards?

  1. Choice of one main keyword
  2. Distribution of key phrases
  3. Key phrase in the subtitle
  4. Density of key phrases
  5. Image alt attributes
  6. Length of the key phrase
  7. Key phrase in the meta description
  8. Length of the meta description
  9. Key phrase in the title
  10. Width of the title of the listing
  11. Key phrase in the slug
  12. Text length
  13. Function words in the key phrase

6. My 2 Best SEO Tools that work for Webflow

⚙️ Tool #1: Semrush (essential)

  1. One of the most successful and popular
  2. Want to test Semrush for 30 days for free? 👉 Click here

⚙️ Tool #2: Checklist of the 7 software that are great for SEO

  1. SEOQuake
  2. SEOBserver
  3. Google My Business
  4. Google Search console
  5. Yourtext.guru
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. Screeming Frog


You just saw that SEO is the basic element to master to get traffic to your Website. It's a bit of a technical part even less appreciated by creatives but it shouldn't be neglected.

My last Tips for today 👉 (because it's a question that comes up a lot!) "How many words does it take for an SEO friendly blog post?"

I would say that you really have to start thinking in terms of quality and not quantity. The important thing with your blog post is that you answer your reader's question. You have to provide them with quality content

Even if I think that a minimum of 1000 words is necessary to write a blog post, it's better to write 700 words and clearly answer a question than to write 3000 words and be totally off the mark.

You now have all the keys to master SEO like a pro! Don't hesitate to write me in comments what this article brought you and if you managed to be the first on Google (not yet? Let's go to work!)

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How to download the e-book : My checklist to optimize your website and SEO perfectly

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