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How to create a successful YouTube channel in 2023 (5 rules from Casey Neistat to get your first 1000 subscribers fast)

How to create a successful YouTube channel in 2023 (5 rules from Casey Neistat to get your first 1000 subscribers fast)
How to create a successful YouTube channel in 2023 (5 rules from Casey Neistat to get your first 1000 subscribers fast)


You're going to know everything about creating a YouTube channel and more specifically how to create a successful channel in 2023 and reach your first 1000 subscribers quickly.

Who better than Casey Neistat, one of the most famous Youtubers known for his originality and co-founder of the production company Beme, to inspire us the content of this blog post! (Well, we agree, no one is as cool as him, but we'll try to do our best!)

We're going to show you the must-have tips to create your YouTube channel and boost your audience and visibility by taking inspiration from Casey Neistat's journey

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "Whaaaaaat?! Showing my face to the whole world and exposing myself in front of everyone with all these haters on every corner, no but you want me dead ????? No no no no, YouTube is not for my fragile little heart!" 💬

Hahaha! As you'll see, ok YouTube can't be the social network of choice for everyone, BUT, and a big BUT, that shouldn't stop you from getting started because of those little limiting thoughts!

Everyone (yes you read that right, everyone) can take THEIR place on YouTube and no, there aren't only Haters and no, it's never too late to start.

And this, of course, for more traffic and to attract a nice community

Casey Neistat saying hello

So grab a little Chai Latte, get comfy, and let's go kiki, we'll explain everything🤓

You ready? Come on let's go!

Here is what we will see together

  1. Who is Casey Neistat and what is his background?
  2. What is a successful YouTube channel in 2023 and what are its characteristics?
  3. Why have a YouTube channel in 2023? The 10 benefits of creating a YouTube channel
  4. What is Casey Neistat's method for making his YouTube channel successful?
  5. What are the 7 steps to creating a successful YouTube channel in 2023 inspired by Casey Neistat's 5 rules?
  6. 9 questions to ask yourself before starting your YouTube channel in 2023
  7. Our 6 tips for a successful YouTube channel in 2023

Don't feel like reading? (even though this article will only take you 19 minutes to read, watch in hand⌚)

Watch the YouTube Video: How to create a successful YouTube channel in 2023 (5 rules from Casey Neistat to get your first 1000 subscribers fast)

How to create a successful YouTube channel in 2023 (5 rules from Casey Neistat to get your first 1000 subscribers fast)

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1. Who is Casey Neistat and what is his background?

Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat
  1. Casey was born in Connecticut, USA in 1981 where he had a rather difficult childhood
  2. He left school at 17 to pursue his first passion: becoming a professional skateboarder
  3. He began his career in the video world creating independent films and working as a director for various companies, before launching on YouTube in 2010
  4. In addition to his YouTube career, Casey Neistat has also worked for brands like Nike and Mercedes-Benz.
  5. In 2015, he started publishing vlogs (short for "video blogs") which are videos that show his daily life. These vlogs literally propel him on YouTube because they give a very personal and familiar character to Casey by giving us the impression to be part of his life
  6. Since then, he has published many successful vlogs, such as "I'm Moving to LA" and "The Truth About Money", both of which have been viewed millions of times.
  7. Also in 2015, he co-created his own film production company, Beme which was sold to CNN just a year later.
  8. He has also written a book, "Create Your Own Rules".
  9. Today, he is the king of YouTube, he managed to create a channel with more than 13 million subscribers in just a few years. Well, we never met him in person (but who knows, maybe one day?) but we learned a lot about him through his videos and his presence on social networks
  10. In short, Casey Neistat is a talented and versatile content creator who has used YouTube to reach a wide audience and pursue a successful career in the entertainment world
  11. Here's where to find Casey Neistat:
    -YouTube: https: //www.youtube.com/@casey
    -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caseyneistat/
    -Website: https: //www.caseyneistat.com/

2. What is a successful YouTube channel in 2023 and what are its characteristics?

1. It is a chain that lives

  1. Today, we want to see and follow real and honest people
  2. We have largely passed the stage of the big sellers of carpets who sell us, well ok, carpets but also and especially of the powder in the eyes
  3. We want to follow a channel where there is human, unique and original
  4. To reach and engage a large audience, you need to have several criteria such as quality content, commitment to your subscribers and sincerity
  5. Of course, there are many other characteristics that can contribute to the success of a YouTube channel, and what works for one channel may not work for another

2. Here are some tips for creating a successful YouTube channel in 2023:

  1. Edit quality videos: the videos of the channel must be neat and well produced, they must also bring something new and interesting to Internet users
  2. Create original content: offer unique content that stands out from other channels and attracts people's attention, if the content looks like other channels, then try to add value to stand out from others
  3. Engage with your subscribers: take the time to respond to comments and communicate with your community, which will help you build trust with your subscribers
  4. Post frequently and regularly: post videos on a regular basis, which keeps your audience interested and visible on YouTube
  5. Create an active presence on social networks: use social networks to promote your videos and attract more traffic to your posts
  6. Collaborate and partner: work with other content creators and brands to grow your audience and expand your reach
  7. Invest in equipment: the important thing is not to invest thousands of euros in expensive film equipment but rather in equipment that will allow you to have a good sound and a beautiful image from the start

3. The 3 main characteristics of a successful YouTube channel are:

  • Quality
  • Originality
  • Share

3. Why have a YouTube channel in 2023? The 10 benefits of creating a YouTube channel

1. Advantage n°1 ❤️ : The sharing

  1. You can share your passion and creativity with the world
  2. Passing on knowledge and sharing knowledge, positivity or a technique is enriching and brings a certain satisfaction
  3. What could be better than being able to create content that touches people and brings them value?

2. Benefit #2 ⭐ Awareness.

  1. Thanks to YouTube, you can make a name for yourself and become known in a specific field
  2. If you are talented and create quality content, chances are you will become famous and make a name for yourself on YouTube
  3. The main thing is to do it with sincerity

3. Advantage n°3 💵 : Profit

  1. We won't hide it, YouTube is a social network with which you can earn money
  2. If you manage to reach a large enough audience and get a lot of subscribers, you can start monetizing your channel and earning money through advertising and partnerships
  3. Also, don't hesitate to insert links to your offers below your videos and try to mention them several times when you record them

4. Advantage #4 🎓 : Learning

  1. Producing content regularly allows you to learn new things
  2. By creating content, you are bound to learn new things and improve your skills in your chosen field
  3. Because even the expert of experts has never sucked his thumb, he had to learn it by one means or another in order to transmit his knowledge to you

5. Advantage #5 🕸️ : Networking

  1. YouTube is magic, it allows you to meet new people
  2. And even if they are on the other side of the world, it's a match!
  3. Hence the importance of not considering your competitors as enemies, you have the same passion, use it to broaden your reach
  4. These people will also be able to bring you another vision just as interesting as yours and will probably open new horizons for you
  5. Hence the importance of a positive environment. If you are interested in this subject, we invite you to read the blog article: How the environment favors success: The method of elevation by peers by Tony Robbins
  6. By posting videos that you care about and that make you feel good, you can meet new people who share the same passions as you do

6. Advantage #6 🦋 : Personal development

  1. Sharing knowledge and meeting new people will help you develop personally and professionally
  2. By being positive and sharing positive, you will only attract positive to you
  3. Creating a YouTube channel can be a way to grow personally and professionally, allowing you to discover new skills and talents

7. Benefit #7 🎈: Positive influence.

  1. It is important to consider on the one hand, your desire and your satisfaction in creating your channel
  2. But on the other hand, it is important to know for whom you are doing it, and what you want to transmit as ideals
  3. By exposing yourself publicly, you can create a positive impact
  4. Through your YouTube channel, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the world and raise awareness for causes you care about

8. Advantage n°8 🌸 : The enjoyment

  1. To create a chain, it must be a pleasure
  2. If you don't do it with your heart and with your guts, it will be felt
  3. If you don't believe in it, then your future subscribers won't either
  4. Creating a YouTube channel can be a way to have fun and give you that little spark by doing what you love most

9. Advantage n°9 🧲 : Meetings

  1. A successful channel is one that has an engaged community
  2. It is a community that interacts and finds information and content that corresponds to it
  3. By posting your videos and engaging your community, you can build a community of fans who will support you and follow you in your projects

10. Advantage #10 🧿 : Success

  1. Who has never dreamed of achieving Success?
  2. It is a form of culmination of hours and hours of work
  3. If you work hard and create quality content, you have the best chance of creating a successful YouTube channel in 2023

4. What method does Casey Neistat use to make his YouTube channel successful?

Source : How to vlog like Casey Neistat by Casey Neistat

1. Rule #1 📜: The Story

Casey tries to create a story for each of his vlogs that he publishes to capture the attention of his audience. He builds each of his episodes in 3 acts because that's what makes his stories well-told and captures the attention of his viewers.

Act 1: The introduction

  • Putting it all together
  • Example: Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a bucket of water

Act 2: The heart of the story

  • The conflict
  • Example: Jack fell and broke his crown

Act 3: The end of the story

  • The resolution
  • Example: Jill came to save him

What he says to himself is that he doesn't want to show his whole life to the public, but he wonders what part of his life could be the subject of a 3 act vlog.

2. Rule #2 🎬 : Animation

There must be a fair mix of these two different shots

1. Fixed shot with a wide view

  1. With the help of a Tripod
  2. Goal #1: To feel like you are speaking directly to the target
  3. Goal 2: Know where and in what room or place you are to feel more like you are with him
  4. Goal #3: These shots allow the user to forget about the camera for a second and focus on the content he is giving in the environment he is in

2. Shooting in motion

  1. Goal #1: Feel the spontaneity and priorities that are part of his daily life
  2. Goal #2: To give videos a boost
  3. Goal #3: Feel like you're in Casey Neistat's life

3. Rule 3 ⚙️ : The material

Casey has a very simple rule in terms of material for his videos, use the material you have at your disposal.

1. High-end equipment

  • For studio scenes
  • It shoots in 4k, with a high-end lens, adapted lights

2. Mid-range equipment

  • For outdoor scenes
  • He films with his phone

The main thing is not to shake and not to make blurry videos.
If you do, he advises you to send it straight to the trash and start again, no one likes to watch this quality of videos even if it is published by the biggest YouTubers!

4. Rule 4 🛰️ : Time Laps and drone sequences

No time lapse or drone footage for no reason, this type of image quickly becomes boring if there is no connection with the content of the video

  • Goal n° 1 of this type of images: To make fast transitions between two scenes

Example: When he films on location and returns to his studio, between these two shots, there may be a drone sequence or time lapse of the city

  • Goal #2 of this type of image: Show a wider view of where you are to put the user in context

Example: When he films himself on the beach of a hotel, the drone allows him to show a huge view of the whole hotel and where he is

5. Rule #5 🫵: Your originality

Your personality and uniqueness

  • You must have your own "thing".
  • If people follow you, they don't want to see what Casey Neistat says, they want to see what you have to say
  • Everyone is inspired by each other and the important thing is to come up with something unique that belongs to you alone
  • And so this is the most important rule and the one that makes a YouTuber successful, you have to be original

5. What are the 7 steps to creating a successful YouTube channel in 2023 inspired by Casey Neistat's 5 rules?📜

1. Step #1 🫴: Determine who you want to talk to

  1. Define your audience, it's the same as creating the avatar of your Ideal Client
  2. Before you start creating content, it's important to know who your target audience is and what you're going to talk about
  3. Also, figure out what kind of language they use and how you're going to get their attention
  4. Try to find out what problems she is facing and how she is dealing with them
  5. Search and find out what other chains she follows

2. Step 2 👇: Position yourself

  1. Choose a catchy name and profile picture
  2. You need to choose a name and a profile picture that reflect your channel and attract the attention of your target
  3. The colors you use are also important to position yourself because colors also have a language
  4. Write your profile directly to your Ideal Client

3. Step 3 🤟: Create

  1. Now comes the stage of content creation and let's not forget, quality!
  2. If you want your channel to succeed, you need to offer quality content that brings value to your audience
  3. Take the time to produce well thought out and well produced videos and edit them professionally
  4. Use Casey Neistat's method to create your story (setting, conflict, resolution)
  5. And don't forget, if the video is blurry or you're shaking, in the trash and it's okay, let's start over 🙌

4. Step 4 👋: Build commitment

  1. Once the video is published, engage your community
  2. Ask her questions during your video, which she can easily answer in comments
  3. Make sure that your questions are not too personal and that they highlight the person who has the courage to answer (e.g.: what is your greatest strength)
  4. You need to take the time to respond to your subscribers' comments and build a trusting relationship with them
  5. By showing your involvement, it can help build community loyalty and attract new subscribers

5. Step #5 🫶: Share

  1. Share, share, share!
  2. Social networks can be a powerful way to promote your channel and reach new people.
  3. Use them to share your videos and interact with your audience
  4. In Facebook groups, forums, your newsletters ... (if you have other ideas, they are welcome... in comments 😜😘)

6. Step #6 🤝: Collaborate

  1. This is honestly one of the steps that will really make your YouTube channel take off in 2023!
  2. Weaving your web and making connections is the key step to success!
  3. Make collabs and partnerships, you can extend your reach by collaborating with other content creators or working with brands
  4. It must be done subtly and always with sincerity and honesty
  5. Create personal contacts by taking a real interest in the person and their channel, you'll see that they'll pay you back!

7. Step #7 💪: Move forward

  1. Publishes regularly, preferably at a fixed date and time
  2. Your community will see you as a stable person they can count on
  3. Once the content is published, don't watch for views, shares or likes, just move on
  4. Be patient, reaching 1000 subscribers can take time, especially if you are starting out
  5. It takes time for the machine to get started, YouTube must also get to know you and know who it can offer your content to
  6. Don't get discouraged if the results are not immediate and keep working hard to improve your channel

6. The 9 questions to ask yourself before starting your YouTube channel in 2023

  • 👉 Question #1: Who do I want to talk to?
  • 👉 Question #2: What image do I want to reflect?
  • 👉 Question #3: How much content will I produce (x/week, x/month ...)?
  • 👉 Question #4: How will I engage my community?
  • 👉 Question #5: On which social networks will I promote my channel?
  • 👉 Question #6: How will I use social media to promote my channel?
  • 👉 Question #7: Who could I collaborate or partner with (create a list of 50 people).
  • 👉 Question #8: What arguments will keep me going and going in case of doubts or "haters"?
  • 👉 Question #9: Do I need to surround myself or can I do everything myself (editing, recording, visuals ...).

7. Our 6 tips for a successful YouTube channel in 2023

  • ✨ Tip #1: Choose a topic you're passionate about and have a good handle on, so you can produce quality, interesting content over the long term
  • ✨Tip #2: Create a catchy, quickly understandable channel name and an attractive Design for your homepage that reflects the theme of your videos and catches the attention of your Ideal Customer.
  • ✨Tip #3: Use the right keywords and tags in your videos, so that your content is easily found on YouTube and in search engines
  • ✨Tip #4: Publish videos regularly, making sure to maintain good quality and offer original and unique content
  • ✨Tip #5: Interact with your community by responding to comments, encouraging people to subscribe to your channel, and doing events to get people to share your videos
  • ✨Tip #6: Use social media to promote your channel and videos, sharing snippets and links to your content on well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

To conclude,

You just found out everything you need to know about creating a YouTube channel and exactly how to create a kick-ass channel in 2023 by reaching your first 1,000 subscribers.

And our last (and crispest 🍪) Tips for today 👉 Be yourself and move on! Think big and don't hesitate to take YOUR place! Even if other people are talking about the same passion, field, or techniques you use. No one has ever done it and will do it like you do! You are unique! So be real and authentic and show your personality in your videos! People like to watch videos with honest and sincere people. You and your originality are the secret to a successful YouTube channel in 2023!

You now have all the keys to take your place on YouTube and get rid of your limiting thoughts. We sincerely hope that this content will give you the little spark to get started and throw away everything that has always prevented you from doing it until now.

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