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How to create an Editorial Plan for your Business


The editorial planning (or editorial calendar) is a scary name (right away it sounds very serious), but it is above all an ultra simple tool to set up and incredibly powerful! We wouldn't say, but without this tool, you can post as many blog articles or instagram posts as you want, but you'll never get the results you expect.

Curious to know more? Ok, here we go!

In today's topic, you will understand the competitive advantage of using an Editorial Planning to develop your online business, whether it is your Blog, your Social Networks or even your entire communication.


1:29 The Video Program

1:35 What is Editorial Planning?

2:44 Why Use Editorial Planning?

4:57 12 benefits of getting started with Editorial Planning

5:12 Anticipate the work that needs to be produced

6:17 Working in a quiet environment

6:48 Be regular, don't let your site be abandoned

7:31 You can say no to writer's block

8:34 Rest your mind and save time

9:05 It will be easier to make "series" of articles around a specific theme

9:58 Anticipate important issues for your business

10:42 Anticipating predictive SEO

11:52 Better division of labour

12:32 Bringing value to your target and growing your audience

13:49 Long-term visibility of your content

14:31 Competitive advantage

15:16 How to Create an Editorial Planning in 3 steps?

15:45 Decide what you're going to put in your editorial plan

18:17 Choose your editorial planning tool

19:14 Finding, organizing and planning your ideas

21:46 in Conclusion


What is Editorial Planning?

The editorial planning equation

The principle of editorial planning is very, very simple: it' s about planning in advance which blog post or social media post will be published, on which day, and for which reason.

The equation is simple: 1 subject + 1 day = 1 objective

Great, you'll tell me, but what's the advantage of planning everything in advance, and especially how to go about it (when you barely have the inspiration to find the title of your next article)?

Why use an Editorial Planner?

Well, let me list the wonderful benefits of editorial planning for you, your blog and your social networks. One thing you should know: we are talking about Webflow, Design and Business. So there is as much creativity as efficiency and profitability as you can see. Creating an editorial plan can be a real asset for your strategy, if you think about it.

You can use the editorial calendar to ride current and seasonal trends as they come in, and boost your chances of "buzzing", attracting more readers and therefore potential customers. The editorial calendar can also be used to prepare a product launch or a business event in the long term.

It works perfectly whatever the platform: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and another one that would come to light.

Like putting together a series of articles on a specific theme before launching your training on that same theme. In short, creating an editorial plan is a bit like putting on superhero glasses that allow you to see the future (and yes, here you are in Marty McFly's shoes).

12 benefits to getting started with Editorial Planning :

To inspire you and give you the push you need to take action, here are the benefits of using an editorial planner:

Anticipate the work you will need to produce
Result = You will know what to do each day.

Working in calm
Result = No stress, everything is under control.

Be regular, don't let your site be abandoned
Result = Goodbye to lassitude and Hello perseverance

You can stop the blank page syndrome
Result = Even if you are not inspired, you will have your polar star that you will just have to follow.

Rest your mind and save time
Result = The objectives are already planned, you are free to think

You will be able to more easily make "series" of articles around a specific theme
Result = Each topic will have a link with another one

Anticipate important issues for your business
Result = You will anticipate special occasions like your business anniversary.

Anticipate predictive SEO
Result = This allows search engines to do their job

Better distribution of tasks
Result = You will be able to delegate certain tasks and everyone will have a precise roadmap

Bring value to your target and grow your audience
Result = If you want to develop a community, know that it will need consistency, stability. You don't need to publish 2 articles a day and then leave them in the void for 6 months.

Long-term visibility of your content
Result = You will be able to create a real perspective on things

Competitive advantage
Result = This is also a real competitive advantage for your business (see next point)

How to Create an Editorial Plan in 3 steps?

So, now that I've been able to propel you into the future: how are you going to create your editorial plan? It's simple, there are 3 steps in the equation:

Decide what you're going to put in your editorial schedule

You can find several things: Content of upcoming articles for your blog
Posts for your social networks. Plan the digital products you will sell in the future. Determine the events and special offers like Black Friday, Sales, Discounts, etc. It's up to you what you want to put in there, so go crazy! As for me, I'm planning new training launches, YouTube and blog topics, and instagram posts. I don't hide the fact that some of it is done by feel.

Choose your editorial planning tool

You can find a recent video where I share with you 40+ Tools not to be missed to Boost your productivity

You can create a schedule on your Apple or Google calendar. You can use a notepad of course. Otherwise, I invite you to try Notion and Trello (they are free)

Find, organize and plan your ideas

Now that you've found your ideal medium, it's time to fill it in! Take the time to write down all your content ideas (or pull out your list if you already have one), and go through it all.

Then, start planning in your calendar the future articles, posts (and other content) for the coming weeks and months.

As I said above, don't hesitate to be strategic, riding the wave of seasons, holidays, various events, and your own company's highlights (product launches, discounts, etc.).

To help you take action, I invite you to join Webflow Expert to find your ready-to-use editorial planning!

In Conclusion

So you get it, creating an editorial plan is (almost) essential when you want to save time and manage your content, blogs and social networks with a masterful hand!

Creating an editorial plan takes a little time. But it's definitely worth it. You have everything to gain afterwards! All you have to do is open your planner, take your paper or digital tool and develop the subject. To test it is to adopt it! For sure, you won't be able to do without this competitive advantage (hehe).

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I hope you liked the subject!

See you next episode

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