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How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)

How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)


You are going to understand all the facets of Website creation and especially the importance of creating your Website and this even if you don't have the skills of a Professional Web Designer

I am going to present you a simple and effective 5 step process to create a professional Website without being specially qualified as a Web Designer

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "Oulaaa, creating Websites is for the pros! I'll just stick tofeeding my social media account instead... " 💬

As you will see, social networks are good but if you really want to make your business take off YOU absolutely NEED a Website and I explain you the reasons, the process and my advices to get there in this blog post!

And this, of course, for more visibility and a better management of your leads

So grab a little Matcha, get comfortable, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is a Website that converts?
  2. Why is having a website in addition to your social networks important?
  3. What are the 3 best platforms to create a Website (From beginner to PRO)
  4. What are the 5 steps to create a Website like a PRO WITHOUT being a Web Designer?
  5. What are the 6 steps to create a website like a PRO WITH Webflow?
  6. 12 questions to ask yourself to find out if you are cut out to be a Web Designer
  7. My 8 tips for not forgetting anything when creating your Website

Don't feel like reading? (even though this article will only take you 20 minutes to read, watch in hand⌚)

Watch the YouTube Video: How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)

How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)

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1. What is having a Website that converts?

  1. Today, being present on social networks is THE fastest way to share your content
  2. However, the evolutions of each platform are frequent and it is not always easy to follow their changing and sometimes capricious algorithm
  3. Having a website is essential, because unlike social networks, it belongs to us 100%.
  4. Having your own website is also an excellent way to create a relationship of trust with your audience and boost the acquisition of new leads
  5. It is the TOTAL Control that I appreciate when you have your own Web Site
  6. And when you have control over your marketing tool (= Website), the conversion rate is multiplied by 10 because:
    - You manage the visitor's journey yourself
    - You offer a customized customer experience
    - You are not a victim of changing algorithms
    - Tomorrow, all social networks can crash that your Website will still be there, converting your leads

2. Why is having a website in addition to your social networks important?

1. Phase n°1 🧲 : Social networks to attract

  1. You can create content on social networks to redirect traffic to your own website
  2. The important thing is to always give a clear message to your leads
  3. So that when they land on your Website, they find what they are looking for (hence the importance of creating a solid Strategy beforehand)
  4. Once landed on your Website, your lead will be able to:
    - Discover your universe
    - Learn who you are or what you offer
    - Create a quick trust link

2. Phase 2 👛: The Website to convert

  1. By collecting their email address with a gift (e-book, check list, etc.)
  2. By selling your products directly (e-commerce, digital products, online training, etc.)
  3. By selling your services directly
  4. By making an appointment online
  5. By registering for a Webinar at the end of which you will propose your Offer
  6. ...

3. What are the 3 best platforms to create a Website (From beginner to PRO)

1. Beginner level platform: Biolink

This platform is for you 🫵, if:

  • You are a novice and have no knowledge of code or graphics
  • You want to put a web page online in 5 minutes
  • You are looking for a way to have a web page to communicate on your social networks profile

Benefits 👍

  • Allows you to have a Website that matches your universe (color, identity) and to add a contact form or simply links to your services and other social networks
  • Very fast to make
  • Your audience, your subscribers will be able to access your products/services in 2-3 clicks

Disadvantages 👎

  • In the context of a "fast" online publication, there are no real disadvantages

Price 🤌

  • 100% Free

To get started, here is a tutorial to create your Website with Biolink👇 click below

How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)
How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)

2. Platform Intermediate Level: Ghost

This platform is for you 🫵, if:

  • You are creative and you want a website that fits your image without going into too much detail
  • You are a content creator and you want to have your own website without having to hire a professional

Benefits 👍

  • It's a great way to have a quick online presence without any knowledge
  • The available templates allow you to choose a style that suits you
  • You will be able to collect email addresses, send newsletters, monetize your content, sell your products/services directly on the platform
  • It is a very easy to use platform
  • She does all the hard work of creating a blog and website (the right way) for you
  • You make a website that is fast, beautiful, and built to modern web standards
  • It is much more visually pleasing than WordPress (well, that's my personal opinion... oops 🙈)

Disadvantages 👎

  • Customization is limited
  • The code is not exportable to another platform
  • Not possible to create a database other than the blog
  • No HTML editor that would allow you to extend the capabilities of the Website

Price 🤌

  • Prices range from $9 to $199 per month, payable yearly depending on the price plan you choose

To start, here is a tutorial to create your Website with Ghost 👇 click below

How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)
How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)

3. Beginner level Web Design platform and future Webflow Expert & Pro : Webflow

This platform is for you 🫵 if you are :

  • Graphic designer, without HTML/CSS knowledge and you want to create websites for yourself and your clients
  • Developer, and you want to save time and offer a secure platform to host your customers' websites
  • Marketer, without HTML/CSS knowledge and you want to create websites for yourself and your clients
  • Entrepreneur, without HTML/CSS knowledge and you want to create your own Website, BUT you will have to roll up your sleeves during your learning curve
  • Creative and Visionary but you don't want to make your Website yourself, then:
    - You can easily find a Webflow Expert here
    - You can use the Happy.webacademy to realize your project, Click here

Benefits 👍

  • You will be able to create a Professional Website for yourself, but especially for companies that want to have control of their Website
  • You can create any kind of website: Showcase, Portfolio, Landing, Pages, Blog, E-commerce, etc.
  • The learning curve is significant, but ULTRA interesting thanks to the Webflow Expert program
  • The integrated CMS is super powerful and can be used for other things than blog posts
  • The presence of an extremely well done and complete graphical interface to quickly design HTML and CSS
  • The presets included in the Webflow Designer allow you to respect the best practices of ergonomics
  • Ok... I'll stop here because in my opinion Webflow is THE platform and has a multitude of advantages (but rest assured, I'm not going to write a 100,000 word blog post either 😅 )

Disadvantages 👎

  • If I had to give ONE and only ONE disadvantage... maybe the learning curve at the beginning can seem impressive but once you understand the tool and have that famous "click" it is great!
  • A true child's game (with some challenges anyway) but a true child's game 🙌 🧸

Price 🤌

  • You can test for free and publish your temporary domain "mydomain.webflow.io".
  • Webflow is paying if you want a personal domain "mydomain.com".
  • Prices vary from $16 to $36 per month, payable by the month or by the year with a preferential price
  • If you want to understand everything about the Webflow Tariff, I also have a tutorial for you

To start, here is a tutorial to create your Website with Webflow👇 click below

How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)
How to Create a Website without being a Web Designer (5 step process)

Pssst, are you interested in a little Webflow vs Wix comparison? (👈 Click here)

Pssst n°2 are you interested in a little comparison Webflow vs Squarespace? (👈 Click here)

Pssst #3 are you interested in a little Webflow vs Wordpress comparison? (👈 Click here, although I'm sure you didn't wait for the end of the sentence to click 🤣)

4. What are the 5 steps to create a Website like a PRO WITHOUT being a Web Designer + 🚀 Bonus

1. Step 1🔭: The Vision

On your own 🙂 (using one of the beginner or intermediate platforms I listed above)Determine your goals

  1. What is the purpose of your website (Sell, make appointments, collect emails, ...)
  2. Who are you addressing?
  3. What message do you want to convey?
  4. What will be the customer journey?
  5. How many pages do you want to create?
  6. What will be your Calls To Action?
  7. What look best represents you and will make your Ideal Client feel confident?

Thanks to a Web Designer 🤓(from happy.webacademy, for example)

  1. Using a proven 3-hour workshop called "Vision", we work to clarify and define the core of the brand
  2. All the questions listed above as well as a form will be completed in order to best identify the expectations of the Customer
  3. This is an essential step that will influence our approach and lay the foundation for a clear, harmonized and successful project

2. Step 2 🚧: The Structure

On your own 🙂

  1. If you know how to use Figma, you will see that this software is great for this step
  2. Alternatively, (back to the old ways) you can take a sheet of paper and create a diagram by taking each page of your project and making links between them
  3. This, from your home page to your other pages
  4. Don't forget your Calls To Action and where they lead

Thanks to a Web Designer 🤓

  1. Together with the team, we create a Sitemap (= website map) and a general visual direction with the help of a Moodboard (= website look), this step gives you a vivid idea of what the website will look like
  2. After approval and alignment with the visual direction, the team moves on to create the Structure, based on the Sitemap and Moodboard
  3. A final sketch is fully developed (it will have undergone several hours of in-house revisions to ensure that it is as accurate as possible)
  4. This sketch is presented to the Client by means of a recorded video, so that he can take his time to examine it
  5. Guidelines for comments will be provided and a final agreement is given by the Client to proceed to the next step
  6. We modify and adapt the structure according to the client's comments and make up to two rounds of revisions to get it right
  7. This is an important step because it is the "foundation" of the Website, it must be solid (and approved by the Client) to be able to move on to the other steps

3. Step 3 🎨: The Design

On your own 🙂

  1. It's time to get creative!
  2. What image will you reflect?
  3. What font do you want to use? (Be careful, the choice of font is also very important in relation to your positioning and your message)
  4. What color are your competitors using? (Do you want to go with them or stand out?)
  5. Tips ✍️ - You can gather 2-3 websites that you think would be a good fit for your brand, and use them as inspiration to create your own design
  6. GOLD tips 🏅 - A Website is not fixed, you can always adapt, improve and refine it over time! What is important is that, if you are here it is because you want to create your Website, so go for it! It's better done than perfect!

Thanks to a Web Designer 🤓

  1. Once the structure is validated, we move on to the design with the support material provided by the client (videos, images, photos, texts)
  2. If necessary, we call on experts, if the client does not have his own materials or if he wants to push the design to its peak (3D materials, video and custom graphics, fonts, copywriting, ...)
  3. In this stage, our creativity is at its peak and the team will do everything possible to make the work "pixel perfect" because every little detail counts!
  4. At the end of this step, the Client discovers the Design with big eyes 👀 everything he had imagined (and even better, because at the happy.webacademy, we like WAOUW moments) is now reality
  5. The Customer can make his little remarks, and we adapt!
  6. This step is essential, because a lead needs only a few seconds to get an idea of what type of website he is visiting. The aim of the design is to capture the lead's attention and in 1/4 of a second to make him feel confident and say: "stay here my friend, we have the solution to your problem and you are in the best place to solve it".

4. Step 4 ⚒️ : Development

On your own 🙂

  1. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and get started!
  2. Little by little, discover and take in hand the software
  3. Watch 2-3 Tutos videos 🎬 about the chosen platform
  4. And transpose its design on the platform
  5. First, create all your pages
  6. Then, create the titles and then develop your website page by page

Thanks to a Web Designer 🤓

  1. This penultimate step consists of transposing everything that has been validated by the Client beforehand into a fully functional Website, in one language, with all the ergonomics necessary for mobile and tablet versions
  2. Once the development is completed, the Website is ready to be put online

5. Step #5 🚀 : The Online Launch

On your own 🙂

  1. It is quite simple
  2. Beginner or intermediate platforms make it quick to get online in 2-3 clicks
  3. However, if you have a problem, they usually have a technical support that can help you and give you an answer quickly

Thanks to a Web Designer 🤓

  1. This is the final step where the Website is made visible to all and 100% functional

6. BONUS step 🔎 : Google Analytics and +.

On your own 🙂

  1. This is a step that should not be neglected
  2. A website is like a store window, if you don't clean it regularly, if you don't decorate it and if it is not maintained, it doesn't make you want to enter...
  3. A website is the same, you have to maintain it, add pictures, make it live to attract more leads
  4. Google Analytics allows you to measure all this
  5. Sometimes, using an SEO expert can be beneficial to better "live" your Website

Thanks to a Web Designer 🤓

  1. To track traffic, we will add the Google Analytics tracking code as well as other tools in order to better achieve the goals set at the beginning of the course
  2. This step is a bonus step that should not be neglected in order to perform and aim for better lead attraction AND conversion.

5. What are the 6 steps to create a Website like a PRO WITH Webflow + 🚀 Bonus

1. Step 1 👍 : Choose a domain name

  1. The first step, before thinking about creating a website, is to choose a domain name
  2. The domain name is the name of the Website and its address
  3. For example, the domain name of the Happy.webacademy is "happywebacademy.com"
  4. It's up to you to find the one you like the most and that will be most meaningful to future visitors to your website
  5. In general, a domain name costs between 5 and 15€ per year, it will depend greatly on the domain extension you choose (.fr, .com, .net, .info, .co, etc)

2. Step 2 🫰: Buy the domain name

  1. The platforms I propose above already take care of the hosting in addition to all the features they offer
  2. This means that all you have to do is buy and connect your domain name
  3. To buy a domain name, I invite you to use the Hostinger platform

3. Step #3 💪 Create a Webflow Account and choose the right formula.

  1. The method is very simple to achieve: Go to the Webflow site and create a free account
  2. Once the site is finished, you can publish the website with a temporary link "mydomain.webflow.io".
  3. Here is a Tutorial from my YouTube channel where I explain it in video

4. Step 4 ✌️: Simplify your working method

  1. By choosing a template
  2. Using Webflow Presets
  3. By copying and pasting sections with Flowbase, Relume, Superflow
  4. By learning Webflow with the complete Webflow Expert program
  5. Many solutions exist to accelerate the realization of your Web site with Webflow
  6. In general, working with Webflow speeds up your work time by at least 50% to 80%.

5. Step 5 👊: Create the most important pages and a blog with the CMS

To have a complete Web Site, it is important to have at least 3 of the following pages:

  1. Home page
  2. Portfolio Page
  3. Product or Service Page
  4. About page
  5. Testimonial page
  6. Contact page
  7. Tips ✍️ - The Blog page is essential to rank in Google search results

6. Step n° 6 🤝 : Connect the domain name ( = go online)

  1. Once the Webflow website is finalized and tested, you can now connect your domain name
  2. Here are the steps: Go to your domain's dashboard on Hostinger
  3. Add the A and CNAME fields indicated by Webflow
  4. Press "Check connection" and you're done!

7. BONUS step 🙌: Add third party tools like Weglot, Semrush, Convertkit

  1. A huge choice of possibilities is now available to you
  2. There are "No Code" tools that you can couple with your Website
  3. I use Zapier, and it answers almost all my requests
  4. The No Code world is evolving, so I invite you to discover "No Code: The 25 Best Tools for Webflow (tested and approved)"

6. 12 questions to ask yourself to find out if you are cut out to be a Web Designer

👉 Question #1: Are you comfortable with graphic design or web development?

👉 Question #2: Are you comfortable working with Clients?

👉 Question #3: Do you accept criticism and take feedback from the customer?

👉 Question #4: Do you have any knowledge of ergonomics?

👉 Question #5: Do you take initiative?

👉 Question #6: Are you willing to continually learn and retrain?

👉 Question #7: Are you curious by nature to research, know about the company you are going to create the Website for?

👉 Question #8: Do you have a developed sense of listening?

👉 Question #9: Are you able to organize yourself independently and meet deadlines?

👉 Question #10: Do you want to work as a freelancer or employee in an agency?

👉 Question #11: Can you control your stress?

👉 Question #12: Do you have a synthesizing mind that can find a solution to a problem?

7. My 8 tips for not forgetting anything when creating your Website

Tip #1 🤝: Your Website should clearly communicate what you have to offer.

If you can't say in one sentence what you have to offer, your message is not clear. Be concise and precise so that the visitor understands exactly what you offer

Tip #2 🫶: Your Website should be alive with a Blog, Case Study, etc.

Show that there is a real person behind the Website. Make it come alive by writing regular content that shows your Offer is popular and has already met the demand of other users

✨ Tip #3 👌 Your Website must be ergonomic on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

Make sure your website is user-friendly so that it works on any currency

✨ Tip #4 🙌 Your Website should be functional, useful and easy to use.

Test it continuously, and put yourself in the visitor's shoes when using your website to create a smooth journey

✨ Tip #5 🫵: Your Website should encourage interaction with visitors (through an E-book, for example)

What do you want the visitor to do? Once you know the answer to this question, put everything in place to get them to take that action

✨ Tip #6 💪: Your Website should be thought of for SEO from the start and optimized continuously.

Having a Web Site is Great! Having visitors is better! A good optimized SEO will make your Website live and will push it to reach its goals (Take a look at the article: Complete SEO Webflow Guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in your SEO on Webflow (14 actions to do))

✨ Tip #7 🙏: Your Website needs to be analyzed and performance needs to be optimal

Analyzing the numbers is essential to know if a website is performing well or not!

✨ Tip #8 🤌 Your Website should have a very specific purpose.

Hence the value of having a well-crafted Strategy before even looking for a domain name or starting The Vision stage 😜

To conclude,

You have just seen all the facets of Website creation as well as all the importance of creating your Website and this even if you don't have the skills of a Professional Web Designer

And my last Tips for today 👉 Your Website lives thanks to you but also and especially thanks to the others! I want to talk to you about "sharing", it must be shared on social networks, in your newsletter, in your community, everywhere possible in order to generate always more and more traffic and that our friend Google says to himself: "here, there is interest here, I will position it better!"

You have now the whole process in 5 simple and effective steps to create a professional Website without being specially qualified as a Web Designer

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