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Business Model Canvas simple to fill pdf (free)

Business Model Canvas simple to fill pdf (free)
Business Model Canvas simple to fill pdf (free)


You're going to understand everything, and absolutely everything, about the Business Model Canvas. (And yes, by the end of this blog post, you'll be the Ace of Aces of the BMC, I promise ✌️ )

Maybe you think 👇 

💬 "No time to make a Business Model Canvas, I'm going straight for it..." 💬

Hep hep hep ✋, stay here a little longer if you don't want to waste your time unnecessarily! 

Because time is money and you don't want to waste it, we agree?

As you will see, the Business Model Canvas is theessential tool to build your entire business ecosystem... and the best part is that you will have a clear and simple view of where you want to go and how you want to get there! 

So grab a little coffee, sit back, and let's go kiki, I'll explain everything 🤓

Here is what we will see together

  1. What is a Business Model Canvas (= Long Term Strategic Tool)
  2. Why is designing a Business Model Canvas important?
  3. What is in a Business Model Canvas?
  4. How do you analyze a Business Model Canvas?
  5. Taking action: How to fill in the Business Model Canvas (with real examples) to sell:
    - a physical product online: Tesla
    - an online service: Uber
    - a digital product online: OpenSea
    - a digital product online as a subscription: Netflix
  6. My 6 foolproof tips for a solid Business Model Canvas

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1. What is a Business Model Canvas?

  • It is a tool that will allow you to create and visualize in a complete way the functioning of your business.
  • It is represented as a Canvas of 9 blocks to complete and will be the compass of your business
  • The Business Model Canvas was designed by the Swiss, Alexander Osterwalder. He is a consultant, entrepreneur, theorist, speaker and author of the book "Business Model Generation."

There are 3 main parts:

  1. Left side: Your value proposition
    Directly related to costs
  2. Right side: The relationship with the outside world
    Directly related to income
  3. Central part: The relationship between your Supply and Demand
    Directly related to you

    Pssst ... Don't panic! The order to complete it is indicated on the PDF you will be able to download at the end of this blog post

2. Why design a Business Model Canvas?

This provides a roadmap / path forward that facilitates :

  • Decision-making
  • Saying no to certain things
  • Identifying mistakes to avoid early on
  • Long-term visibility

3. What does a Business Model Canvas contain?

It contains 9 blocks:

1. Customer segments

  • 👉 Who are you targeting?
  • Following the market study and the identification of your Ideal Customer, determine for whom you want to create value

2. Value proposition

  • 👉 What is your promise?
  • What the customer will retain from your service or product, what specific benefits will your customer receive as a result of your work

3. Channels

  • 👉 Where do we know you from and how do you deliver your Offer?
  • The places where you will sell your products or services.
  • To determine them, you need to know where your Ideal Customer is and which channels you already master or would be able to master

4. Customer Relations

  • 👉 How do I interact?
  • Depending on the product or service you are going to offer, how will you connect with your target?
  • What process will you put in place to contact her or make sure you get in touch with her?

5. Income flow

  • 👉 How much do you earn?
  • Determine all the fixed and variable financial income of your business.
  • How much is your Ideal Client willing to pay for your Offer?

6. Key activities

  • 👉 What are you doing?
  • Lists all the different products and services on display in a simplified manner.
  • Also consider everything you need to put in place to create your Offer

7. Key resources

  • 👉 Who are you and what do you own?
  • What makes you better than anyone else at creating your Offer? What are your strengths, qualities and other resources?

8. Partners

  • 👉 Who is helping you?
  • Who are the strategic actors who will be involved in the realization, the delivery or the logistics of your Offer?

9. Cost structure

  • 👉 What do you give?
  • Determine all the main fixed and variable costs of your business but also in terms of time, what are you willing to invest and sacrifice?

4. How do you analyze a Business Model Canvas?

1. Phase 1

First, we will use a Triangle

  • Value proposition
  • Customer segments
  • Revenue stream

The objective 🎯: To make a link between these 3 blocks to identify in broad terms the functioning of the Business

2. Phase 2

Then, if the triangle is plausible and works well,
We will dissect in depth the other 6 blocks and the link they have between them to identify the ecosystem of the Business

5. Taking action: How to fill in the Business Model Canvas (with real examples)

1. To sell a physical product online - Example: Tesla 🏎️

The Triangle 🔺 of Tesla's Business Model Canvas:

  • Value proposition: 100% electric and autonomous car
  • Customer segments: Customers with high purchasing power, attracted by the technological and sporty aspect
  • Revenue stream: Car sales

2. To sell an online service - Example: Uber 🚗

The Triangle 🔺 of Uber's Business Model Canvas:

  • Value proposition: Trust, fun and comfortable transportation
  • Customer segments: People who need transportation quickly
  • Revenue Stream: Driver Benefit Commission

3. To sell a digital product online - Example : OpenSea💎

The Triangle 🔺 of OpenSea's Business Model Canvas:

  • Value Proposition: An easy platform with beautiful NFTs
  • Customer segments: Investors and sellers concerned with new technologies
  • Revenue stream: Registration and commission on each sale

4. To sell a digital product online as a subscription - Example: Netflix 🎬

The Triangle 🔺 of Netflix's Business Model Canvas:

  • Value Proposition: Wide selection and high availability of preview movies and series
  • Customer segments: People who like movies and series
  • Income stream: Monthly subscription payments

6. My 6 foolproof tips for a solid Business Model Canvas

✨ You can detail very precisely the ecosystem of your Business, but nothing is 100% predictable, only the marketing of your Offer will be the reality of the field

✨ It's important to have a "simple" and clear Offer for you otherwise the Business Model will be too complex

✨ Always indicate the root/essence of the block element, the less details and words the better! You'll get a better overview "Less is more"

✨ Always think in "Triangle = Value Proposition - Customer Segments - Revenue Stream."

✨ The goal is to achieve the lowest possible cost for the highest possible income. (=Earn more to work less)

✨ If you want to go further, follow a process to create Your "concrete" value proposition. Join the Creative Business program, because this is something we break down in detail.


You have just seen that the Business Model Canvas is the PRI-MOR-DIAL step to check if you want to have a clear and precise vision of your business.

Take all the time you need to design it, analyze it, adapt it and refine it. It's better to take time now to reorient your business (if needed) rather than change your plans when you've already put several strategies in place.

You now have all the keys to be able to fill it out and set it up in the image of what you want to undertake.

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And finally, download your Tool 📔

How to download the PDF : Business Model Canvas?

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