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7 Steps to Get Known When You're First Starting Out


Hello, How are you, Welcome to the Happy.webacademy If you are new my name is Kevin, I'm a web designer located in Belgium. I work from home. I talk about Webflow, Design and Business, if you are interested in the topics don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel.


Before you start, I would like you to consider 4 key factors that will help you mentally to apply the method serenely:

Time: You have to give yourself time to get there. Impatience will be your worst enemy.

Start to all: Subscribers who are highly committed to you, will be with you for a long time!

Ethical: It is possible to do this in a completely ethical way without using obscure techniques. There is no miracle method that will make you gain 1000 subscribers in 30 minutes & that is engaging.

Algorithm: It is still possible today to start a blog and to start on any social network and to grow an account (and no, the algorithm is not a dark vader that puts obstacles in your way).

Even if I take more time to build my community, it is a qualified community, with whom I enjoy exchanging every day and that I get to know.

So if you have no followers on social networks, no traffic, and no email addresses in your database. And if you also have no budget, you feel like it's impossible to grow. I'll give you a step-by-step guide to get there in 3,2,1...

Questions to ask about accounts with Thousands or Millions of followers:

Do these accounts receive messages and comments every day from their followers with compliments and questions?

Do these accounts have an audience that clicks to their site, subscribes to another social network and newsletter without hesitation?

Do these accounts buy with pleasure, because the trust is there?

Ok now that the stage is set and the limiting thoughts are exterminated,

Today's topic:


0:40 Time

1:17 Start to all

1:58 Ethics

2:32 Algorithm

5:05 The 7 Steps to Getting Known When You're Just Starting Out

5:18 Targeting your future clients

12:23 Have a Gift to give to those subscribers

15:23 Taking action and repeating information

18:39 Creating High Value Content

21:30 Using social networks correctly

25:28 Collaborate to boost your presence

27:02 Use advertising to speed up the process (sensitive souls refrain)


1. Target your future clients

Find your differentiator & positioning

I won't be picky, if you don't do this job, there's no point in continuing...

In Webflow Expert I share with you a Workbook that will help you ask yourself the right questions, if you want to discover it with me, click here.

Be omnipresent on the web & elsewhere too!

It's not for everyone (hello impostor syndrome), but once you get past that point you won't see it the same way. Especially since I imagine you want results within a reasonable time frame too.

20 billion sites are visited (crawled) by Google, every day.

The good news is that your clients' research should lead them to you.

So you need to be specific about who you want to work with (you even have a choice, right?)

In the jargon, this is called: ideal customer, customer avatar or persona.

Other ideas to be present everywhere (outside social networks and your website):

Create a profile on Malt, Codeur, Sortlist and any other platform that generates traffic

Create a profile on all the social networks that make sense for you

Tips - Don't forget to keep each of these profiles up to date.

  • Trade show,
  • Distribution of flyers,
  • Contact from a local newspaper,
  • Adwords keyword purchases,
  • Organize a contest,

2. Have a gift to offer to your subscribers

Do you remember that in super markets you could taste the latest product of a well-known brand for free or if you bought a product you could get your money back? It still exists and it's not going to stop, because the trick works!

Here is the goal of the game: "Offer exclusive content in exchange for an email address".

The choice of the format must be judiciously chosen and must be appreciated by our target CQFD

Keep it simple, and get to the point, but you can spoil the person who will receive your gift.

3. Take action and repeat the information

Two possible methods:

Alice in Wonderland method: Post 2-3 times a week, leave a few comments on instagram posts, linkedin etc. as well as blogs.

Rocky Balboa method: Make a splash and be everywhere at once in your theme by appearing almost out of nowhere overnight. You can imagine that I'm going to encourage you to opt for the second method... (even if I love Alice)

Well, since you know your ideal client better and you have a gift to offer him, you now know on which social networks he is present, at what times of the day, the media he consults, the searches he does on the Internet.

Now it's your turn to harass him by being omnipresent throughout his day.

Don't be afraid to repeat yourself, you know what they say in advertising and marketing. For a customer to remember your name, he must see it at least 7 times! So, don't hesitate to go to the extreme to get them to see you 25 to 50 times!

4. Create high value-added content

Ensure a presence on social networks. My recommendation would be, to start with, to put the pack on 2 or 3 networks of your choice by creating a unique and quality content for each one, then to automate the other social networks.

Later on, you can even let a community manager work on it, but it's clear that in the beginning you'll have to roll up your sleeves.

Create complete and relevant content.

You have a choice:

If you love it (and you're regular), starting a blog for your business will help you a lot to get known (if only in terms of SEO for your site).

If you don't like it, feel free to go and write guest posts on other people's blogs, social networks or YouTube channels.

My choice: the Blog and the YouTube video

5. Use social networks correctly

The benefits if you're reluctant:

  • It will help you build an audience very quickly
  • Your audience will already know your personality, your way of working and will trust you all the more
  • In addition, your content will become the ideal media to promote your products ... paying.
  • Not to mention the fact that doing it regularly will train you to present and sell your business, without you even realizing it
  • Creating content will allow you to learn things and share that learning with your community.

The only Disadvantage:

content creation can be very time consuming, and the results take a little while (a few weeks) to show up. But we think long term, that's what works anyway.

Some Tips :

Posting every day (at a set time) the Instagram algorithm loves it.

Your community gets in the habit of seeing you every day at a certain time (or time slot) and this creates a small daily appointment.

Chose to post either in the morning or at the end of the day.

I know that my community likes to work late at night so I alternate mornings and evenings to test the best method. I reassure you right away, both work.

Any way to build trust with your subscribers.

Instagram Stories

Live on Instagram, YouTube

Tips - Use the latest: Reels, Tiktok, Shorts, etc.

Because the supply is smaller than the demand => So take advantage of it!

Choose the method that suits you!

Engage your community

Ask them questions in your posts (that will make them want to comment) and then respond to their comments.

Ask questions in story. Comment on their own posts. You'll increase your engagement rate and gain relevant followers.

Provide value to its subscribers:

The question to ask yourself:

"What is the one thing your ideal client is most interested in (generally speaking in life)?"

What people are most interested in ... is themselves. Their own little person, their life, their problems (no need to roll your eyes, you know I'm right). And once you understand that, you'll understand that your Instagram posts should do something for them.

It can be useful information

Something funny that will make them laugh

Something that distracts them for a short time

Questions that make them talk about themselves, that show them that you are (genuinely) interested in them

Content that boosts them when they need it

Don't wait for people to discover us

My Choice: I post daily on instagram, pin my articles on Pinterest and publish new main content on YouTube and Blog

6. Collaborate to boost your presence

Blogging (at home or with others)

So you have to be proactive, and show your ideal subscribers that you exist.

How to do it?

Now you know who your ideal client is

Research the Blogs they read and if possible, try to write a guest post

On social networks, look at what hashtags they use, then go into Instagram's explorer (this feature is available on every platform) and search for those hashtags.

Then create interaction with the accounts and blogs of these ideal subscribers/customers:

like their articles and publications, comment on them (with real comments, not just 3 smileys or 2 words, but rather a sincere feedback from you).

At this point you don't even need to subscribe to these accounts (unless you want to).

Simply, creating interaction with them will help them discover your account without stress, without pressure.

We are "humans" even if we are on a digital platform

I invite creatives on my YouTube channel to share their stories and experiences.

7. Use advertising to speed up the process (sensitive souls please)

Advertising on social networks is a great way to do this very quickly. And contrary to what you might think, no it's not overpriced.

You can invest $25 in Facebook ads, spread over 10 days to boost your first sign-ups. This small investment will attract qualified subscribers who will follow you for years, so it's really worth it.

Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest ads can be a good way to quickly get known especially when you are just starting out.

Then you will see that advertising is an excellent long-term way to attract new subscribers = potential future customers = new customers.

But there are thousands more, and I encourage you to follow your instinct, your desires and your possibilities!

Thank you, I really hope you liked the topic, and if you did, don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment to get more content in the future.

See you on the next topic, ciao.

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