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15 Errors in Content Creation with their Solutions


One of the first things people will tell you when you start is "Create content and publish regularly".

And I'm not going to say otherwise. I myself started creating content because it felt important to do so and I learned to master good practices by making a lot of mistakes.

Because yes, especially at the beginning, it's much easier to say than to do and before you get results it takes time.

Let's see how you can take advantage of my mistakes and go much faster than me.

Let's go !


1:26 What is good content?

2:38 15 Errors in Content Creation with their Solutions

5 Basic Content Creation Mistakes

3:16 Not knowing your audience and target

4:05 Not responding to a problem

5:28 Lack of consistency, coherence and overall strategy

6:09 Poor content organization without efficiency

6:36 Don't share your content repeatedly, but creatively

5 Mistakes we tend to overlook

7:39 Doing what everyone else is doing without innovating

8:22 Do not take care of the titles, the visuals down to the last detail

9:19 Skimming a topic, not authentic and not complete

9:50 Not considering your content as a real marketing strategy

10:31 Failure to create and follow an Editorial Planning of its Content Strategy

5 Mistakes that can penalize you in the long run

11:02 Thinking your ideal client knows what to do

11:41 Writing "too much" for SEO

12:26 Publish on "all" networks

13:24 Talking "too much" about yourself and your products/services

14:12 Post lots of different content without a clear link


Today, with the hindsight of publishing content regularly, I wanted to help you get a jump on social media and avoid beginner's mistakes.

What is good content?

Good content can be 3 things (not necessarily all at once, but at least one!):

Content that answers a question from your ideal client.

Or a content that removes a brake of your ideal customer in relation to the decision to buy your offer (product, service...).

Content that teaches your ideal client something simple and that he can quickly put into practice (always in relation to your niche, and therefore your editorial planning).

How to create an Editorial Plan for your Business

These are the types of content that will engage your ideal customer, get them interested, allow them to discover you (and love you) and in the long run buy from you.

5 Basic Content Creation Mistakes

Not knowing your audience and target

It's the basics, if you don't know who you're talking to, it will be complicated.

Solution: Start by identifying what you like deep inside and then do a search for potential ideal clients.

Not responding to a problem

Your content should be the answer to your ideal client's problems, questions

Solution: Identifying a problem can be a coincidence, but it is often a problem that concerns you or that "was" a problem that you personally had.

Lack of consistency, coherence and overall strategy

Sharing your content requires regularity

Solution: Find the best time to create and publish your content at a time that suits your audience.

Poor organization of content without efficiency

Create content without knowing the specific purpose

Solution: Set specific and measurable goals.

Don't share your content in a repetitive way, but creatively

Creating content and not sharing it is just "sad"

Solution: Share your content on other media and let your community know that you are going to publish new content.

5 Mistakes we tend to overlook

Doing what everyone else is doing without innovating

If you do like everyone else, you don't stand out. A trend is interesting, but it's ephemeral

Solution: Try new things until you find your own strategy.

Do not take care of the titles, the visuals down to the last detail

A great content "must" have a great "Title", otherwise your content will be published for nothing

Solution: Make sure to create a catchy title and why not do some A/B testing

Overview of a subject, not authentic and not complete

If you're going to do a quick content, why not, but creating an ultra complete content is more interesting for your audience and for you in the long run too.

Solution: When it comes to creating content, you need to be

Do not consider your content as a real marketing strategy

Creating content is fun, but there is always a strategy behind it

Solution: Learn how to create an editorial plan and use it, check this video

Not creating and following an editorial planning of its Content Strategy

5 Mistakes that can penalize you in the long run

Thinking that your ideal client knows what to do

Even if your content seems "déjà vu", it's the opposite

Solution: Your ideal client knows less than you do, so share your knowledge

Writing too much for SEO

If your text looks like it was written by a machine, it won't

Solution: A few good practices are enough, ask your questions here

Publish on "all" networks

It's not possible to focus on all social networks at the same time

Solution: To start with, it's best to focus on 1 social network. But you can attack on 2-3 if you feel capable of it.

Talking "too much" about yourself and your products/services

Selling is not a problem, on the contrary! But you have to balance value & selling.

Solution: Add to your calendar times when you sell, and times when you share content without selling.

Publish lots of different content without a specific link

Recycling your content is essential and will prevent you from content burn-out (yes it exists)

Solution: Find a common thread in the content you create and share

7 Steps to Get Known When You're Just Starting OutIt will allow you to ...

Thank you, I really hope you liked the topic, and if you did, don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment to get more content in the future.

See you on the next topic, ciao.

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