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Our History.

Our adventure is first and foremost that of a youthful love, Kevin the visionary and Sophie the dreamer, who had the desire to create a very human and very exciting adventure by launching themselves into the fabulous world of entrepreneurship right out of school. The story has evolved since then...
THE meeting

April. It is of course thanks to a magical connection on the Web that their paths cross. After long and vigorous exchanges of messages, the meeting in the real world is a real love at first sight. Since that day, they have been in perfect love and have never left each other.

The world of business, here we come

After finishing their respective studies, they launched their first business together! An e-shop and a physical store of items for our 4-legged friends! From the paint to the website, absolutely EVERYTHING is home made! What a challenge!

The Great Discovery of Webflow

Kevin, the visionary, never ceases to let his curiosity run wild. He then discovered Webflow! An innovative software from California to create Web sites without a single line of code. He adheres to it at 300% and wants to share it with the whole world by opening his own YouTube channel!

The launch of the Webflow Training

They go to California to meet the Webflow tribe and realize that Webflow is just WAOUW! It is absolutely necessary to make this software accessible to everyone! In less than a month, the Webflow training is registered and commercialized! After 1 week, the craze is already being felt! Not less than a hundred students are already enrolled and excited by the didactic content!

The symbiosis of the Academy and the Agency

After several years of wearing the hat of Webdesigner for Kevin and Mrs. Doggy for Sophie, they take stock and realize that they like human contact and benevolent business. They then decided to focus on an Academy that would allow everyone to have the necessary knowledge to run an online business based on their own experience. Happy.webacademy was born from their love...

Let's get to know each other

The Tribe.

The Happy.webacademy is a fulfilling adventure, full of pep, crazy projects and above all human! At the very beginning, it was the dream of 2 childhood lovers who wanted to give back some color to the life of future entrepreneurs and to offer an immersive experience with all the keys (and I promise, swear, spit, really all of them) to get there!

Today, the tribe's mission? To plunge tens of thousands of motivated entrepreneurs into the adventure of business on the Web and to meet the challenges of the new way of doing business!

Our very technical instructions?
- Concocting simple Strategies that generate results at the height of the Web!
- Spreading entrepreneurial know-how!
- Contributing to the happiness of the planet!

Known as the "go-getter", he is an energetic person who breaks the codes and whose "it's not possible" is not part of his vocabulary. Very ambitious and HYPER positive by nature, he leads the Happy.webacademy with a master's hand by instilling authentic values such as benevolence and perseverance.


Known as the enthusiast. With her mind in constant turmoil, she has more than 5000 ideas per minute. Creative and analytical by nature, you can tell that the 2 hemispheres of her brain are sometimes in "Bim Bam Boum" mode. CEO of a physical and online Business since 2014, she loves sharing her experience and ideas with students.

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